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School Canteen

Stall 1 Cold Delights Pudding, Fruit Salad, Yoghurt, Syrup, Packet drink, Mineral Water, Jelly, Milo, Fruits and Fruits/vegetable Juice, Milk
Stall 2 Mix-Match Boneless Chicken Drumstick, Fish Cake, Egg, Fish Fillet, Toufu, Stick of Fishballs, Mixed Vegetables, Fried Rice/Chicken Rice/Char Siew Rice, Chicken Porridge, Curry Chicken Rice, Satay
Stall 3 Auntie em's Japanese Delighs Teriyaki Chicken, Cold Soba, Cold Udon, Breaded Fish, Steam Egg Custard, Seaweed Chicken, Seafood Gyoza 
Stall 4 The Noodles Shop Fish Ball Noodle, Wanton Noodle, Prawn Noodle, Lor Mee, Chicken Noodle, Laksa
Stall 7 (Halal) Selera Temasek Fishball, Tahu Goreng, Omelette, Terong Beladol, Curry Chicken,white rice & yellow rice, Sotong Chili, Chicken Drumstick, fried chicken, asam fish, steam chicken, Egg, fishcake, crabsticks
Stall 8 (Halal) Hot Delights Sandwich, Burger, Biscuits, Corn, Soup, Mashed Potaoes, Pizza, Hot Milo, Coffee/Tea, Cake