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Principal's Message

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Mrs Alison Ho 
Temasek Primary School

With a history of more than 35 years, Temasek Primary School has developed, over the years, a culture of care and excellence that enabled us to bring out the best in our students. The school’s motto, ‘Forward Together’, signifies our commitment to work together as a team made up of our staff, parents and members of the community, to provide a nurturing environment and the best educational experiences for our students.


The school has many platforms to develop Temasekians into responsible, versatile and future-ready citizens. We aim to provide a holistic education where emphasis is placed not only on academic excellence, but also on Social and Emotional Learning, the development of positive peer relationships and the positive learning dispositions. ‘ROAR’, an acronym which stands for Responsibility, Open-Mindedness, Active-Learning and Resilience, represents a set of learning dispositions that we believe is fundamental for our students to develop so that they can be more aware of the way they learn and be better able to establish future-focused attitudes to learning, critical if they are to be able to become lifelong learners. We also hope to ignite passion in our students to strive for excellence in their learning journey, while all the time staying rooted in values.


Temasek Primary is proud to have maintained our high academic standards, thanks to the dedication of our teachers, the rigour of our academic programmes which have been enhanced by effective and engaging methodologies, and the strong collaboration with parents and the community to bring out the best in our students.  Indeed, Temasekians, both past and present, have accomplished much in different arenas. 

I urge all Temasekians to continue practising the 7th Habit ‘Sharpen the Saw’ by taking time to ‘renew’ their body, heart, mind and spirit. As they work hard to achieve their goals and persevere in the face of challenges, they must also find joy in their learning and embrace the ‘Learn for Life’ attitude. I am confident that, with tenacity and a positive attitude, Temasekians will continue to enjoy many fulfilling years and achieve much in our academic and co-curricular domains.