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Principal's Message

Mrs Alison Ho

Mrs Alison Ho
Temasek Primary School

Temasek Primary was certainly abuzz with activities planned during ‘Temasek Starts Right’ to kick-start the new school year. The highlight for the three days was welcoming the new cohort of Temasekians to our school. In fact, we are happy to note that our Primary 1 students have settled into the school quickly. Thank you to the parents from the Parent Connection Committee (PCC) and our Primary 2 students who were buddies to our new students.

I began the year with a warm welcome to all teachers and students at our first assembly session with the key message to continue being a vibrant learning campus. The school prides itself on the numerous platforms which seek to develop all Temasekians into responsible and future-ready citizens. Reciting the Temasek Leaders’ creed daily, coupled with Steven Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Happy Kids’, will spur our students on in the pursuit of excellence in their learning journey while staying rooted in values. Temasek Primary is proud to have maintained our high academic standards. Thanks to the dedication of our teachers, the rigour of our academic programmes has been enhanced by effective and engaging methodologies and the strong collaboration with parents to bring out the best in our students. Indeed, Temasekians, both past and present, have accomplished much in different areas.

We will continue to aim high, embrace and enjoy all learning experiences in school, and persevere in the face of challenges to be the best that we can be. I would like all Temasekians to continue living out the 7 th Habit, Sharpen the Saw – aim high, work hard to achieve these aims and enjoy the sense of achievement that success brings. I am confident that with the tenacity and positive attitude of all students, we will continue to enjoy many fulfilling years and achieve much in our academic and co-curricular domains.

I would like to wish all staff members, students, parents and alumni members a fulfilling and joyful 2018. We look forward to yet another year of enriched learning and growth for our Temasekians in 2018.

Have a great new year ahead!