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Student Management

Vision: To empower our Temasekians to have the self-discipline and good character to learn, lead and serve the school and community.

Overall In-charge: Mr Marcus Lau Kok Hiong

Teacher-in-charge of level discipline:

Primary 1Mr Haziq
Primary 2 
Mdm Azlinah
Primary 3
Ms Low Shufen
Primary 4
Ms Arveen
Primary 5 Mr Marcus Lau
Primary 6 Ms Arunah 

Discipline philosophy

The purpose of school rules and regulations is to provide a safe and positive learning environment for our teachers and students. Students learn well when there is order and discipline.  

Discipline is an educative process and the goal is to instil self-discipline and good character in students. The focus is on promoting positive student behaviour in support of learning and growth through the teaching of values and skills and timely reinforcement through corrective guidance to address students’ misbehaviour.  

Disciplinary measures serve as a proxy for consequences of the poor choices made. It is to be meted fairly, firmly and appropriately. School and parents/guardians need to collaborate to help our students understand that their actions carry consequences and they must learn to take responsibility for their action.  To sustain positive behaviour in school and at home, school and family need to collaborate, communicate and enforce the same expectation. 

Discipline with care – Students are inculcated with the knowledge and values expected of a Temasekian and they are expected to show the right behavior at all times. Teachers adopt the restorative approach towards a student’s misbehavior. Student will be counselled and engaged in reflection guided by the Form Teachers/ members of the Student Development Team. As every student is unique, the school will work closely with the student and parents in meting out the necessary action(s) in the best interest of the child.  

School Rules and Consequences

With the intention to keep all Temasekian safe and the school a conducive environment for our students to learn, all Temaskians are expected to follow the school rules by adopting the ABC guidelines. 

-       Attire and Appearance

-       Be considerate

-       Come to school punctually

Students found not following the school rules will be counselled and advised by the Form Teachers and Student Development Team/ Student Management Committee. The school works very closely with Parents to guide our Temasekian to their best. With Parents enforcing the same expectation at home, we see the positive impact to our students’ behaviour and learning in school.  

Please refer to our Student Handbook for the School Rules and Regulation or you may use this link.

Setting Expectation and Routine in the Classroom

With the aim to cultivate a Positive Classroom Culture, the school adopts the ACE approach to strengthen Student Management, Teacher-Student Relationship and Caring and Enabling Classroom Environment.   

-       Attire and Appearance Check 

-       Caring Classroom 

-       Enabling Environment 

Teachers use the ACE approach to empower our students to play a greater role to building a Positive Classroom Culture.  

Strength-Based Approach to Positive Discipline  

In line with our School Culture of Care, we adopt the Strength-Based Approach to engage our students in class and school. Every Temasekian has some strength waiting for us to uncover and develop. As a Temasek Teacher, we are equipped to tap on that unique strength and guide them to be their best. At the same time, we embrace this approach by using the Positive Discipline to build the connection with our students.   

The 5 criteria for Positive Discipline: 

  • Helps children feel a sense of connection.(Belonging and Significance) 
  • Is mutually respectful and encouraging.(Kind and firm at the same time.) 
  • Is effective in the long-term.(Considers what the children are thinking, feeling, learning, and deciding about themselves and their world – and what to do in the future to survive or to thrive.) 
  • Teaches important social and life skills. (Respect, concern for others, problem solving, and cooperation as well as the skills to contribute to the home, school or larger community.) 
  • Invites children to discover how capable they are (Encourages the use of personal power constructively to contribute in social settings.) 

Growth Mindset and Restorative Practice to Student Management 

Sometimes, a student may exhibit undesirable behaviour and mindset in the course of learning and growing. The school believes in building strong Teacher-Student Relationship with our students as this will enhance their learning and development in school. We encourage and nurture our students to adopt a Growth Mindset as this will enhance their resilience and capability to overcome challenges. Teachers will praise a students’ work for good effort and the process of reaching the end point but not the final result.  

Similarly when a student misbehaves, we do not condone such behaviour and we adopt the Restorative Approach to guide our students to take responsibility for their action, understand the impact on others and be empower to restore the relationship with the parties that were affected.  

Summary of the Student Management Approaches 

Temasekian are equipped with the Social-Emotional Competencies (SEL) which helps them in their relationship with peers and learning in classroom. Teachers adopt the Strength-Based Approach, Positive Discipline and Growth Mindset in our interaction with them. Lastly, teachers are equipped with the Restorative Practices Language which is at the center of all the approaches.