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Student Leadership

Vision: Every Temasekians a Servant Leader rooted in values to Learn, Lead, and Serve the school and community.

Overall In-charge: Mr Marcus Lau Kok Hiong



Primary 1Ms Janane 
Primary 2Mdm Azlinah 
Primary 3 Mrs Ong-Koh Cailing, Mdm Low Shufen
Primary 4
Mdm Wong Meichu, Ms Arveen 
Primary 5Mr Roland, Mrs Siva 
Primary 6Mdm Arunah, Mrs Siva  

Tier 2 and 3 Student Leaders 


Class Committee 

Mr HaziqMrs Ivy Ho 

Kindness/ CyberwellnessNE Ambassador 

Mrs Siva 

CCA Leaders 

Ms Janane 

Green Champion 

Mrs Siva 

4 Tiers of Student Leadership - Roles and Impact

The student leaders in Temasek Primary School are place in 4 different tiers with each tier providing the relevant training and development programme. 

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Student Leadership Development Programme

Every leadership role are created with clear roles and responsibilities. Our student leaders are selected and provided with specialised training to enable them to perform their roles well. The school also affirm and recognise their contribution to the school. To produce quality student leaders, we adopt a whole school approach where we provide the opportunities for them to practice their leadership skill. 

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Community Festive Outreach 

Each year, the student management/leadership committee will guide our student leaders to plan and organize Community Outreach events to spread festive joy to the community. This is also an opportunity for our students to hone their communication skills, heighten their social awareness and sense of belonging to the community. Throughout the year, our Prefects will take the lead to engage the student population to participate in this meaningful event. The teachers and students will reach out to the community during Chinese New year, Hari Raya Puasa, National Day and Deepavali. From our students’ reflection notes and feedback, we can see they enjoyed themselves during this event and gain greater awareness of their communication skills, social environment and community beyond school.  

The Chinese New Year Festive Outreach January 2020 saw the Prefects leading their peers from the Uniform Groups as they collaborated to carry out the community outreach together.  

Leaders’ Investiture 

As part of student leadership development, our school invests in our Prefects to enable them to lead and serve the school meaningfully and effectively. Annually, we have been gathering as a school to recognise and affirm our Prefects for their service and contribution through an important ceremony, the Leaders’ Investiture. This year, due to the Covid-19 situation, we conducted the Leaders’ Investiture differently, maintaining the spirit and meaning of the ceremony.  

Through this Leaders’ Investiture, we aim to:  

  • recognise and affirm our Student Leaders for their service and contribution to the school 

  • honour our Primary 6 Student Leaders as they achieved a milestone in their leadership journey 

  • welcome our Primary 5 Student Leaders as they progress to be the senior Student Leaders in the school 


Student Leaders Training 

2020, we were able to continue to train and develop our student leaders by moving the training platform online such as Student Learning Space. The challenges from the Covid-19 situation encouraged our student leaders to explore new ways to connect with the student population. Riding on the Student Leaders’ Perspective platform, our Prefects were able to continue to connect with the student population and share their perspective on school values and habits. In the process, Prefects acquired new presentation skills and competencies that will be helpful for them in the future.  

The CCA Leaders had the chance to be trained by Peer Leaders from Temasek Secondary School via Zoom. It was an engaging and interactive training and the students took home relevant skills and knowledge.