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Student Development

Student Development Team

Vision: Every Temasekian
                        A Healthy Child, A Happy Student
Mission: To Develop in every Temasekian
                                A love for Learning
                                A love for Others
                                A Lover for Life

LevelYear Head 
Assistant Year Head
Mdm Tan Shih RayMiss Janane d/o Elangkovan
P2Mdm Tan Shih RayMdm Shafizah
Mr Vincent Neo    Mdm Arunah Bebe
P4 Mr Vincent Neo       Mdm Arveen Kaur
P5 Ms May OMrs Reavathiy Kumar
P6 Ms May OMrs Jill Chua
HOD CCE Mrs Vanessa Chua       
Mr Marcus Lau       
Mr Jagjeet Singh, 
Ms Fathimatu Zuhara bte Mohamed Ali
Mrs Theresa Goh       

The Student Development Team seeks to provide a safe, respectful and disciplined learning environment for students where they have opportunities to engage in quality learning experience and acquire values supportive of their lifelong well-being. Our objective is to build a culture of care which is conducive for the holistic development of our students.

The team adopts a 4C approach to student development.

We Care for our students
  • Temasek Starts Right
  • Buddy System
  • Counselling
  • Learning and Behavioural Support

We Connect with our students 

  • Dialogue with Year Heads
  • “Your Voice Matters” – Student Feedback 
  • 1 to 1 Teacher – Student Interaction


We build the Character of our students
  • Cyber-Wellness
  • Leader for Life
  • MT-CCE
  • National Education
  • Sexuality Education
  • Student Leadership
  • Values in Action

We Celebrate our students’ successes
  • Assembly
  • Class of the Term Award
  • Best Attired Students
  • Temasek Star Awards

We Care for our students …

Temasek Starts Right

As a new School year begins, teacher and students renew relationships after the holidays, see new faces and establish expectations, rules, and routine for the year. The activity planned during Temasek Starts Right engages teachers and student in getting to know each other, and discussing the values and habits that will shape their classroom community.

Buddy System

At the beginning of each year, our P2 students act as buddies to welcome the P1 students into the Temasek Family. They assists the P1 in the purchase of food during recess and help to  ease them into formal school setting.

Counselling Support
We support our students not only in their academic pursuits but also on their journey of growth as young adolescents. We have  2 full-time counsellor and a part-time counsellors whom the students can approach when faced with problems or concerns.

Our counselling programme via 2-Tier intervention support aims to help our students manage and cope with social-emotional challenges and empower them for success.

Intervention Support
Tier 1 – Students who need support
Counselling (individual or group)
Time-Out Programme 
Tier 2 – Students who need specialized help
External Referral

Learning and Behavioural Support
For students with special learning needs, our special needs officers provide scheduled withdrawal support to help our students cope with their learning.

We Connect with our students …

Dialogue with Year Heads

Year Heads conducts dialogue session with student representative and they are invited to bring up concerns and suggestions on school improvement, student welfare, school programmes and activities.

“Your Voice Matters”

Our students are welcomed to provide ideas, suggestions as well as feedback on school improvement, student welfare, school programmes and activities. We value students’ responses and they are reviewed regularly.

1 to 1 Teacher- Student Interaction

The 1 to 1 Teacher-Student Interaction Time ensures more attention is given to individual student development throughout school life. The 1 to 1 teacher-student interaction time provides protected time for teachers to have quality interactions with their students so as to build strong and healthy relationship between form teachers and their pupils.

It allows teachers to acquire knowledge and understanding of each students so as to facilitate better feedback and support to meet each student’s developmental needs. It also serves as a platform for students to share with their teachers any concerns or sensitive issues that they may have.

We build the Character of our students …

Like the majestic oak tree that grows from a tiny acorn, the school believes that all Temasekians given time and patience, can learn, act responsibly and care for others. They have the potential to be nurtured into responsible citizens with proper guidance to help them grow in strength in character.

ACORNS is a structured process for addressing discipline and behavourial issues. It is value-based and underpinned by Stephen’s Covey’s timeless principles of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and elements of Restorative Practice.

ACORNS aims to develop:
  • students’ individual responsibility and shared accountability;
  • students’ emphatic understanding for others’ experiences;
  • students’ understanding of the impact of one’s own behaviour on others;
  • students’ problem solving capabilities by encouraging those involved in the problem to find their own solutions;   
    and promote:
  • application of School Values in correcting one’s behaviour;
  • restoration of students’ sense of belonging to a community (e.g. class, peer group or school).

ACORNS involves a 6-step process which is designed to enable offending students to follow an Awareness-Restoration-Growth sequence. At each step, probing questions are used to guide students towards problem resolution and restoration of relationship between teachers and students and/or students and peers.

The 6 steps are:

Understanding the situation and be aware that there are options available.
AcknowledgeAcknowledge the situation and take ownership for individual/group actions.
ChoiceChoices are within our control. We all have     a choice.
OutcomesWhat you hope to achieve.

Positive regard for individuals and taking steps to put things right.
ReflectReflect on behaviour and possible positive options.
NextTake necessary actions to put things right.

Individuals can learn and change for the better.
StrengthenSelf-renewal. Recognising experiences as teachable moments

We Celebrate our students’ successes …

Our students’ deeds matter. In morning assemblies, we commend students who display acts of kindness and celebrate together with those who have overcome challenges.

Class of the Term Award
In our effort to promote class pride, The SDT selects a class per level that is deserving of the award at the end of each term. This team assesses the classes in the areas of attire, discipline, and class cleanliness.

Best Attired student
Every term we celebrate and affirm students who put in the extra effort to look neat and presentable in school uniform and PE attire.

Temasek Star Award
Every month we celebrate and affirm students who exemplify the habits of effective leader .