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Kendrick was born in Singapore but moved with his family to Colombia to stay for many years. He only came back to Singapore in Primary 4. He had difficulty adapting to the Singapore education system but he managed to overcome his disadvantage through consistent revision. Kendrick is a diligent student and keen learner and he does his assignments consistently. He does not have any tuition.

Kendrick has hearing loss in his left ear. He has to rely on his right ear to listen. Despite this physical disability, Kendrick is gifted in music and sings very well.  Kendrick is a committed member of the school choir. . He shows great determination, discipline and perseverance in his learning of songs. He also took part in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) competition and the choir achieved a Certificate of Accomplishment.  Kendrick also teaches and mentors his juniors to the best of his ability.

As Class Chairman, he works with his Vice-Chairman to look after the pupils who report to class early in the morning before lesson begins. He also organises the class and ensures that they move in an orderly manner between venues during different lessons. Every morning, he records class attendance and submits the attendance list to the school office. Kendrick is also good at handling conflicts. Whenever there is any disagreement in class, Kendrick will step in to calm everyone down and try to resolve the conflict. He listens patiently to different views and is able to get everyone to agree to work together.

Kendrick has a calm disposition. His calming presence leaves an impact on his peers and influences them to make responsible decisions. Through his friendship and peaceful demeanour, Kendrick has managed to change the behaviour of one of his classmates, who frequently got into disagreements, into a better person. 

Annabelle Tan

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Being highly motivated, Annabelle is a conscientious student, coupled with a high sense of responsibility and self-discipline. She pursues her interests including her studies successfully and displays a healthy competitive spirit. She genuinely cares for her peers and even enquires after her subject teachers who are unwell. She is very accepting in her ways and this is evident when she willingly accepts peers whom others are unwilling to work with and completed her assigned projects without complaining . Blessed with a happy and serene disposition, Annabelle works harmoniously with everyone even in the most trying situations. She keeps an open mind and seeks first to understand the other party, taking into consideration their perspectives. She has been a good team player who contributes ideas and carries out tasks in a co-operative manner. Annabelle is a good listener and extremely polite in all situations, clear indications of her good interpersonal skill. 

As the Head Prefect, Annabelle carried out her duties with a strong sense of purpose, responsibility and integrity. She has the ability to perform a wide range of tasks and demonstrated the ability to use good judgement in carrying out her duties and tasks well. In the course of her service as a student leader, she frequently volunteered her help to the school during major school events, be it as a compere or commanding at assemblies. She has always been proactive in contributing meaningfully to the school. Annabelle believes in leading others by example and influencing them positively. She led her peers successfully in performing their roles as prefects, always modelling the way and guiding the prefects. She is humble and eloquent and has the initiative and confidence in discharging her responsibilities. 

As the captain of the Dance group, she led the warm-ups and dance practices in class, and would help her fellow club members with the dance steps and the choreography. She makes sure that the other club members are paying attention during dance practice and would also give the club members moral support and encouragement before performances. S he played an integral role not only during the SYF competition where they attained a distinction award but also in inspiring others too. 

Annabelle’s accomplishments go beyond the school too. Besides playing a lead role in the school’s Service Learning projects, she also finds time to serve the community. In 2014, together with her 2 friends, they conceptualised the idea of growing vegetables for the needy when they participated in the Little Red Dot‘s ‘Shop For Your School” Competition. Their idea was recognised and acknowledged by SPH and w ith the seed money given, her team experimented with the planting of different crops using different methods over the next 2 years. In 2016, the project came to fruition and the harvest was donated to the Lion's Home for the Elders. 

Despite her numerous accomplishments, Annabelle remains a very humble and appreciative student. She is truly a well-rounded Temasekian Leader, grounded in values and principles and whom others can emulate and be proud of.