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Aeron Young

Cross-country runner Aeron Young is so passionate about his sport that even an Achilles tendon injury didn’t stop him from getting back into the game.

“I used to cycle alongside my father as he ran around Bedok Reservoir. Eventually, I stopped using the bike and started running with him. In Primary Two, I was selected to be in the school’s Track & Field team and now, I can run faster than my dad.

When I was about 10, I injured my Achilles tendon while training at Bukit Timah Hill. It took me a month to recover. I thought I couldn’t run in competitions anymore because when you’re out of action for a while, your standard drops. I was demoralised.

The training can be really tough and sometimes I feel like quitting. But my friends encourage me to go on and that gives me the motivation to work harder. I’ve learnt important values such as determination and perseverance. I’ve also forged meaningful friendships.

My father trains me a few months before a race and gives me tips and strategies on the day of the competition. He reminds me not to go too fast at the start and to follow a particular runner if I want to win.

I try to hit my personal bests: I can run a 5km-race in 20:36 and 10km in 45:58.”

I keep to a strict diet and avoid… Unhealthy foods such as potato chips and sweets. As a treat, my father buys a packet of chips once a month and we’ll share it.

My favourite athlete is…Long-distance runner and SEA Games gold medallist Mok Ying Ren. I had the chance to run with him at a Run to Walk event. He was doing his cool-down routine while I was starting on my full run — he even helped to pace me.

I’ve climbed one mountain a year…In the past five years. It’s what I do with my family. I also take part in vertical marathons.


An all-rounder, Aeron Young is one whom others can emulate. At a time when others would choose to focus on their studies, having to sit for his Primary School Leaving Examination did not stop him for pursuing his passion and contributing his time for the community. He continued to be actively involved in community events and was a keen participant in many different activities.

Positively influenced by his father, Aeron Young has been active in sports since young. When children were still playing with building blocks, at 8 years old, young Aeron had already ascended Mount Ngauruhoe in New Zealand. A year later, he conquered Mt Rinjani which rises 3,726m above sea level in Indonesia, and in 2014, he became the youngest person to complete a one-day ascent of Mt. Kinabalu in Sabah.

These ‘climbing’ experiences helped Aeron during his finale performance in Chingay 2015 where he had to climb a 50m tall ladder from the ‘Tree of Hope” float which symbolises Singaporean’s effort to go for their dreams. A sports enthusiast, he championed the SG100 effort by motivating youths for a vertical climb to symbolise the effort towards pursuing the next phase of Singapore’s achievements. He achieved 2nd position in the youth under 16 National Vertical Marathon 2015.

As the Captain of the school’s Track and Field Team, Aeron inspires and motivates his peers to give their best. He represented the school in the 56th National Primary School Track & Field Championships and his team obtained 1st placing in the B Division Boys (4X300m) Relay. He was placed 5th in the 1500m and 8th in the 600m race. Besides the National Track & Field competitions, Aeron also took part in other running competitions organized by external organisations. He came in 3rd position in the Cold Storage Kids Run 2015 and emerged as a winner in the Akira Swift U12 Boys Competition. 

Despite the tight training schedules and many homework assignments, Aeron has always been positive in his outlook, leveraging on the many opportunities given to him by the school. He believes in synergistic effort and works collaboratively with his Robotics team mates to represent the school in various Robotics Competitions such the East Zone DSTA Competition: Exploration Challenge, Robocup Competition 2015 and Robocup Challenge: Co-Space Rescue, of which his team obtained 4th placing.

This recipient of the EAGLES Award believes strongly in giving back to the community. His care for the less fortunate was evident when he took the lead to share his belief in Service Learning during one of the school’s assembly platform. He has written a book with his father and is actively promoting it to the community, sharing their rich and invaluable experiences with the public. 

Always willing to take up challenges, Aeron was innovative in conceptualizing the ‘Healthy Vision’ project. An invention which he and his younger sister have designed to stop a person’s eyesight from deteriorating won the Merit Award in the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors Awards 2015.  This project which was presented at ‘Singapore Soup’ earned them seed money with which 6 prototypes would soon be produced and piloted in a few special schools.

A rare pupil who does not have any tuition classes or enrichment lessons, Aeron is able to handle both his academics and co-curricular activities well because of his positive attitude, passion and strong conviction to give his best in all that he undertakes. For a person so young, Aeron has definitely accomplished much to his name.