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A Health Promoting School

School Health Slogan:
Healthy Living for an Enriched Life

Guiding Principles for school's Holistic Health:
  • Good health is essential to support life long learning and well being of pupils and staff 
  • Pupils and staff grow and learn in a safe, caring and conducive environment 
  • Health is viewed holistically, encompassing the physical, social, intellectual and mental aspects. 

Our Health Charter:

At Temasek Primary School, we are committed to work together towards:
  • engaging pupils, teachers, parents and members of our community in efforts to promote health and to adopt a healthy lifestyle; 
  • providing a safe, healthy environment, both physical and psychosocial; 
  • providing an effective school health education programme with access to health services (mental, social and emotional and physical) within the school; 
  • implementing school policies and practices that support the holistic health of our pupils, teachers, parents and members of our community.