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Our Learner Outcomes

Temasek Wall

In Temasek Primary, our pupils are our pride and we aim to provide them with rich learning experiences that allow them to learn, lead, serve and grow as Passionate Learners, Creative and Critical Thinkers, Effective Communicators and Servant Leaders. These learner outcomes are closely aligned to MOE’s Curriculum 2015.

As every child is unique in Temasek Primary just like the DNA in our bodies, immense opportunities and enriched learning experiences abound for every Temasekian through the school’s innovative, well designed and customised holistic education. Our pupils are exposed to a broad based education to arouse their passion for learning, instil social and emotional skills as well as develop their various interests and talents. Our Learning for Life Programme (LLP) – SOAR (Sports Opportunities for Active Lifestyle and physical Resilience), complements our academic programmes to provide an all-round education.

Temasek Primary’s comprehensive Life Sciences programme, Inquiry-Based Learning approaches in Science, RoboALERT (Applicative Learning Experiences through Robotics in Temasek), Literature in Temasek (LiT), STEMS (Striving Towards Excellence in Mathematical Skills) as well as the Learning Tapestry, a customised and innovative interdisciplinary curriculum, adopting the Problem Based Learning approach, are good examples of the rich learning opportunities for our pupils to develop and grow as creative and critical thinkers.

Effective communication is the hallmark of today’s society and to prepare our pupils to be 21st century effective communicators, we have in place in our school a plethora of opportunities to instil in our pupils the confidence of communicating through various modes. Through programmes and activities such as STAGE IT, Show and Tell, Drama, Writer’s Workshop, The Artist KIT, Talent Fiestas and the use of Cooperative Learning approaches, we believe our pupils will grow to be confident and productive communicators.

In line with Curriculum 2015 student outcome of ‘an active contributor and a concerned citizen’, processes are in place in Temasek Primary to develop our pupils as servant leaders. We work collaboratively with our stakeholders in providing meaningful platforms and learning opportunities for our pupils to acquire the set of knowledge, skills and behaviours to be effective servant leaders. The Learning Tapestry, Student Leadership Training, Co-Curricular activities, Service Learning, National Education, CME, Character Education, Local and Overseas Immersion Programmes and Learning Journeys are some of the learning opportunities that are in place to develop in our pupils the five core qualities of an effective servant leader - leading through serving, leading by exception, leading for team performance, leading by sharing responsibilities and leading by active listening.