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Alumni Registration Form
To qualify as an alumni member, you must graduate from Temasek Primary School.

(completed Primary 6 in Temasek Primary School)
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Show your appreciation to our Temasek staff          
In Temasek Primary, the school has a set of Temasek Staff core values (Open-Mindedness, Responsibility, Collaboration, Honesty, Innovation, Dedication), manifested by the acronym ‘ORCHID’. If you know of a Temasek Staff who upholds, through his/her actions and words, any of the Temasek Staff values, we would like to invite you to pen your words of appreciation to the Temasek Staff.

Your words of appreciation will serve as an encouragement, motivation and positive affirmation of the good work of the Temasek Staff.

Showing your appreciation, gratitude or even saying thank you is really easy and anyone can do it, whether you’re a pupil, a parent, an ex-pupil, an Alumni member of the school, someone who had the opportunity to work with any of the Temasek Staff or even a colleague of the Temasek staff!

Do complete the information below and submit it to the school.
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