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Club Eureka

1.Mr Dzul
2.Mrs Arveen 
3.Mr Alvin Poh
CCA Overview 

One of the bigger challenges in education today is that children are studying without a deeper understanding on why they are learning the subject matter.We hope that through STEM, student will be given the opportunity to see a connection between learning and real world applications.
CCA Objectives 
  • Engage students in STEM activities, creating meaningful tasks to allow studen to explore a variety of skills with real world applications.
  • Equip students with the skills to engage in the practical application of knowledge.
  • To expose pupils to various environmental issues and derive creative ideas to help and create an awareness on these issues.
CCA Schedule 

MondayP3, 4, 5 and 67.30am – 9.15 am3A
CCA Key events / Tournament periodSony Toy Competition
Amazing flying machine competition
Maker flaire Toy Making Challenge
VIA Project