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Character Excellence Award (CCA)

Soar Stories

Hayden Audy
Track & Field
A force to be reckon with

Hayden Audy of 6C is a responsible and resilient athlete. Being the vice-captain of the Track & Field team,he never fails to show up for trainings.He not only takes his training seriously but also help the juniors in their trainings.In addition,he ensure that he maximise the time to work on his weaknesses and his strengths.

He was a medalist in the jumps event and consistently placed in the top 4 position in his division through sheer hard work and perservearance.Sadly he was injured during the Nationals last year,but that did not deter him from competing again and realising his dreams.
Hayden has definitely come far to achive what he has done today.
                                        Well done Hayden!