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Brownie Programme is focused around the five areas namely Personal & Social Development, Home, Outdoor, Community and International. 

During Meetings, Brownies will be engaged in activities such as singing, craftwork, testing, indoor and outdoor games, simple cooking, sewing etc. Brownies also learn about helping others which ties in with their motto – Lend A Hand. 

Every year, Brownies participate in selling Girl Guides Cookies to raise funds for the needy. 


Brownies is a game of adventure, observation, knowledge and creativity. 
It enables girls to develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world. It is targeted in teaching the girls life skills which will help them to be a responsible citizen. 

CCA Schedule

MondayP3 - P60730 - 09153B Classroom


You may click on the teachers name to contact them via email

Teacher in charge
: Mdm Rafizah
2nd Teacher in charge: 
Ms Rachael Tan


Miss Tan Keng Tzu