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- To cultivate an intrinsic fighting spirit and determination in our members.
-to develop diligent, responsible, respectful and disciplined athletes.
-To provide platforms for all athletes to participate, compete and showcase the values cultivated during CCA
-To achieve Top 4 Divisional Champions.


Track and field is offered as a CCA for P3 to P6 students who display good potential in Track and Field events and also have interest in develop strength in this discipline.

We help students to pursue their interest, discover and develop talents in the various track and field events. We also aim to develop students as leaders who display innate discipline, determination and sportsmanship. students who show commitment and perseverance will have the capacity and opportunity to further develop and display their talent at the inter-school and national levels.

We believe that our progressive training system coupled with the emphasis on character by=building, will ensure that our members take away valuable lessons that will stay with them in their life journey.