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Malay Dance Club

1. Mdm Khairiah Abdul Majid Harharah
2. Mrs Vikirawati Choo
3. Mdm Nur Suhaila
CCA Overview
The Malay Dance Club also known Gemalai Temasek provides the opportunities for pupils to learn about the Malay culture and traditions through the different types of Malay traditional dances. The basic dance movements such as Inang, Zapin, Masri, Joget and Asli have been known to portray rhythm and grace of the dancers. Having both male and female members in the club, these pupils will get to explore the dynamics and styles in which the different genders move to. Valuable knowledge on the dance background (such as beats and rhythms) as well as performance techniques will also be acquired during the course of trainings. 

Pupil Leaders:
P6 –Haziqah
P5 – Adriana
P3/4 – Alysa Sofia
Environment – Koh Lee Heng Stuart
Lights/Aircon – Ramadhan

Singapore Youth Festival 2016 – Certificate of Accomplishment
CCA Objectives
  • To provide opportunities for pupils to learn and appreciate Malay traditional dances and culture
  • To provide a platform for collaborative work during practices and performances allowing pupils to synergise and care for each other
  • To build self-confidence and allow pupils to express themselves through stage performances
CCA Schedule 
MondayP3 – P67.30 a.m. – 9.30 a.m.Mozart Room
FridayP3 – P62.15 p.m. – 4.15 p.m.Mozart Room
CCA Key events / Tournament period
  • Hari Raya Concert 2017
  • Speech and Prize-Giving Day 2017
  • Youth Development Camp 2017
  • Other school and external events