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  • To provide a platform for pupils to further develop the values of responsibility, respect, perseverance and open-mindedness.
  • Students will acquire strong foundations in music and guitar performance skills.
  • To cultivate the appreciation of Arts in students.
The guitar ensemble aims to develop our students holistically. Besides learning guitar skills such as note reading, plucking and strumming, values and habits such as responsibility, respect, perseverance, open-mindedness and synergy are emphasised in our weekly practices. 

We also provide opportunities for guitar ensemble members to showcase their talent and skills through various platforms, such as performances during Speech Days and recesses. Through these performances, students’ self-confidence is nurtured.

To cultivate students’ love for the Arts, excursions to guitar concerts are also organised. Through the concerts, students are exposed to different genres of guitar music and learn concert and performance etiquette.