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  • the learning of singing technique 
  • the learning of team work 
  • taking the lead in performances 
  • serving the school and the community in performances 
  • serving the school and the community through service learning 
  • growth in mastery of choral techniques, confidence built in participation in performances and competitions, achievements in choral examinations 
Pupils are invited to join the CCA after they are auditioned in end of Primary 2. During the twice weekly practice sessions, members engage in choral techniques taught by a professional choral director, assisted by an accompanist and teachers through fun learning. The choral director will also make use of critical thinking and logical reasoning, guide members to improve their vocal skills. Members will then be able to delight audience during assemblies and concerts organized by the school and the community. During the course of practice sessions, members will be further assessed and a group of members will be identified to receive focused training for special events such as local or overseas competitions. Members will also participate in service learning projects such as fund raising. Members who display leadership qualities will also be nominated to serve in the choir committee as leaders.