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- To instill interest in pupils to appreciate Art
- To expose pupils to a variety of tools in art making
- To increase pupils' understanding and appreciation of the art form
Pupils are introduced to various art forms through the use of different media. They will also go on Learning Journeys to visit museums and art exhibitions. Pupils will also do their part for charity through the sale of their craft works during Magicland. 

Through these activities, we aim to develop every pupil to be visually literate and to appreciate Art. Being visually literate, our pupils are able to observe, understand and make meaning of what they see. They are also able to communicate their ideas by using and creating visuals. Pupils will be able to see the value and recognise the relevance of art in their lives. Discussing and learning about artworks made by different people provide avenues to develop our pupils’ understanding of cultures and different ways of thinking.