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Prefects’ Investiture

Prefects’ Investiture

On Friday, 26 July 2019, the school came together to congratulate our newly appointed Junior Prefects, Prefects and Primary 5 Executive Committee. All prefects went through a rigorous process of selection, training and appraisal process. They are representatives of our Student body and they embody our school values, habits and virtues. Through this Prefects’ Investiture, we aim to:

·       recognise and affirm our Student Leaders for their service and contribution to the school

·       honour our Primary 6 Student Leaders as they achieved a milestone in their leadership journey

·       welcome our Primary 5 Student Leaders as they progress to be the senior Student Leaders in the school

This year’s investiture was the first time we have our Primary 3 and 4 Prefects joining the Primary 5 and 6 in the ceremony. Also, this is the first time we invited parents of our Primary 5 and 6 Prefects to grace this event to celebrate this proud and joyous occasion with their child. During the rehearsal, our teachers and students put in hard work and heart work as we synergise and the final outcome is only possible with the collective effort from everyone. Our Primary 6 Prefects also took up the challenge to create an original song to show their appreciation to the school’s years of nurturing and leadership development. Despite their busy schedule, they managed to put it off with the guidance of Ms Jocelyn Goh.

It was indeed a proud and defining moment for our Prefects as the school and their parents cheer and clap for them as they walk into the hall. We look forward to the contribution from our Prefects in the year to come. 

Reflection from students

It was a meaningful experience for the Prefects. It was memorable as our parents were there to witness our proud moment. Vera 6D

I appreciate the opportunity to lead the school and felt very proud when Mrs Ho was putting on the badge for me.
Aidin 5D