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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

SOAR - Sports Opportunities for Active lifestyle and physical Resilience

In Temasek Primary, everybody gets to play! Regardless of their ability or talent, we believe that every pupil has the right to enjoy the different sports and outdoor experiences that are available through our SOAR LLP Programme. Our SOAR LLP programme is a culimination of what the students had gone through in their PE syllabus for Sports and Games and Outdoor Education. Our PE teachers will ensure that all students will be equipped with the basic skills and knowledge required to participate in these activities.

SOAR Objectives:

  1. To provide all our students with an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge they have learned in PE lessons in the SOAR activities as well as to grow in strength of character through the experience.
  2. To get our students to be confident of their own ability. Regardless of their talent or ability, we believe that every one of our students should be able to enjoy and experience sports and outdoor activities. 
  3. For our students to share their SOAR experience and encourage their family and friends to lead an active and  healthy lifestyle together with them.

Below are the LLP activities that Temasekians will go through from P3-P6 which are developmentally progressive in nature.

Track and Field Carnival (LLP)

Track and Field Carnival provides a platform for the students in the level to perform their athletic skills in different stations such as throwing, jumping and sprinting which can be found in a Track and Field Competition. They are taught how to throw a shotput ball, the passing of baton, the jump and the sprint during their PE lessons. The students synergized together as they earn points for their respective class. 

Young Explorers (LLP)

Young Explorers is a programme where the students apply the skills and knowledge they have learned during Outdoor Education module in their PE lessons. The students will be given the opportunity to apply navigational skills that they had been taught during their PE lessons. They also had to apply good exploration habits such as showing consideration for the residents/wildlife by being mindful of their noise level. They also learnt to care for the environment by picking up litter as they walked between checkpoints.

It was indeed heartening to observe excited and smiling faces from all participants as they explored the great outdoors. Below we are going to upload photos of different levels going through the Young Explorers Programme.

Sports Fiesta (LLP)

Sports Fiesta is a sport event where there are different stations for the students to go through. Students will have the opportunity to put into application the skills and knowledge they had learnt during PE lessons to succeed at the various stations. Each stations will have different level of difficulties and having so, allow the students to challenge themselves. The students enjoyed the Sports Fiesta as it enabled  enabled them to work together as a class and tap on each other’s strengths. 

Interclass Games (LLP)

The students involved in the LLP Interclass Games will play the concept they have learnt in their PE lessons in competition/game settings. These games
 saw the students putting to use all the skills and knowledge they had learnt during their PE lessons. Values were instilled by showcasing sportsmanship through shaking hands with the opponents after the games. Regardless of the scores, teams from different classes showed their support with cheers and applause. As the saying goes, ‘Good players inspire themselves. Great Players inspire others’