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Physical Education  (PE)



We provide a vibrant learning environment to develop physically fit and healthy pupils, rooted in values, with the aptitude and attitude to learn, lead, serve and grow. We strongly believe that all our pupils should be given the opportunity to enjoy and experience physical and outdoor activities regardless of their talent or ability.

Head of Department: Mr Fadly


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PE Syllabus 2021

LevelTerm 1Term 2Term 3Term 4
DanceGames and Sports
Outdoor Education
Games and Sports
2DanceGames and SportsGymnasticsOutdoor Education
 3Athletics  Outdoor Education
Games and Sports
Games and Sports Dance 
 4Athletics Games and Sports Gymnastics Dance 
 5 AthleticsGames and Sports
 Outdoor EducationGymnastics 
 6 Athletics

Games and Sports
 Outdoor Education
Games and sports
Dance  Outdoor Education