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P3 Young Explorer

On 21st May, the P3 level gathered in the morning to participate in the Young Explorers programme. This activity was the culmination of the skills taught during their PE lesson. All groups were provided with a map within school and they had to navigate to the different stations and complete a task.

As they moved around to locate their checkpoints, they also had to apply the necessary values such as caring for the environment by not plucking or touching any plants as they were observing them. Once they reached their station, they had to locate and identify the different outdoor education symbols taught during lessons.

The activities were planned such that different departments collaborated to bring about a fun experience for the students. Some of the activities included learning about plants using Augmented Reality (AR), knots tying based on provided scenarios, soccer dribbling and avoiding obstacles, drawing flora that they observed, observing and learning more about butterflies. They also applied the kerb drill as they practiced how to cross the road safely.

It was indeed heartening to observe excited and smiling faces from all participants as they explored the great outdoors. The PE Department wishes to thank all students, support staff and teachers involved for being fully engaged throughout the session and in ensuring that the event was a success.