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P6 Sports Fiesta

On 5th March 2018, the Primary 6 students had their LLP interclass games: Ultimate championships. The games were held at the school field and each game lasted for 4 minutes each.

The Frisbee game saw the students putting to use all the skills and knowledge they had learnt during their PE lessons. They also showcased sportsmanship by shaking hands with the opponents after the games. Regardless of the scores, teams from different classes showed their support with cheers and applause. As the saying goes, ‘Good players inspire themselves. Great Players inspire others’

The final results are as shown in the table below: 

ClassTotal Number of pointsPostions
6B35  3rd
6C42  1st
6D34 5th
6E 35 4th
6F 186th

Thank you, teachers and students for all your hard work and effort! - Mr Fadly