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P4 Young Explorers

On 5 March, the P4 students had the opportunity to apply navigational skills that they had been taught during their PE lessons. All groups had to search and locate six different checkpoints based on the map provided. They were provided with a task to complete at each checkpoint.

While the students went on their way to search for their checkpoints, they also had to apply good neighbourhood exploration habits such as showing consideration for the residents staying nearby by being mindful of their noise level due to their excitement while exploring the neighbourhood. They also learnt to care for the environment by picking up litter as they walked between checkpoints. The student participants also learnt to be concerned citizens when they learnt about the important personnel (eg. MPs) who were looking after the constituency where the school was located.

 It was indeed heartening to observe excited and smiling faces from all participants as they explored the great outdoors. The PE Department wishes to thank all students, support staff and teachers involved for being fully engaged throughout the session and in ensuring that the event was a success. - Mr Fadly