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Mdm Rajeswari Shanmugam
Miss Rajeswary Ramakrishna
Mrs Ravee

We aspire to make learning of Tamil to be a vibrant experience and instill values in pupils to learn, lead, serve and grow.

Our programmes
The following are programmes conducted by our department to encourage pupils to explore their love for the language beyond curriculum syllabus.

Reading Programme
Reading Passports are created for P1 to P6 pupils to capture their reading experience in varied stories. Pupils with excellent reading records are awarded with a Reader's badge
Tamil Fortnight Camp
Pupils participate in the enrichment programme to gain deeper appreciation for the culture and to enhance their Tamil language literacy skills through drama presentation
E-Learning Programme
The E-Learning programme supported by Pazhahutamil.com is tailored to support the MOE syllabus and serves as supplementary practices to enhance pupils' learning of the Tamil Language
Daily News Media (P5-P6)
Pupils watch daily news media and record the news that capture their attention
Pictorial Dictionary (P1)
The pocket size booklet is feasible for P1 pupils to carry around and functions as reading material during the silent reading session
Newspaper Publication
Pupils 'best articles are sent to Tamil Newspaper agency every semester for publication. Published articles are exhibited in the classroom notice board

Programs our pupils participated in

Speech and Drama Training


Tamil Fortnight Camp

On the 3rd of June this year, the tamil department of our school came together to conduct a workshop toimpart our traditional and cultural values to our students. All the pupils had an enriching experience learninghow to make flower garlands, Kolam (colourful pattern made on the floor), proverb recitation through play,usage of banana leaf in indian culture and also participated in speech and drama.We would like to thank the celebrities from the Vasantham TV Channel who made this event a very fulfillingand an enjoyable one for our students.

Rangoli Rendezvous


Uri Adithal


Learning Traditional Dance