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Level Head:
Ms Nur Ain
Members :
Mdm Nur Suhaila 
Ms Farhati 
Mdm Salha 
Mdm Amnah
Ms Azirah
Mdm Khairiah


To nurture our pupils to be effective communicators through meaningful language, literacy,and cultural activities.

The vision of the department is to develop our pupils into a person with the qualities of ArifBudiman – a learned person who contributes to society. In our pursuit to achieve this visionin every pupil, these are the programmes that will be carried out in the academic year;

Malay ERP@Temasek
Malay Speech and Drama
Malay assembly programme in partnership with Tanjong Katong Secondary School
Appreciation of Malay poetry

Genre writing and appreciation of Malay literary text
Subscription to Mari Membaca
Appreciation of Malay literary text
Internal language competitions
Cluster / National language competition

Level Involved
Malay Speech & Drama Programme
At the end of the workshop pupils will learn to:
  • express themselves creatively through music and movement
  • read a variety of dialogues in different ways
  • speak clearly and confidently in front of an audience
Parents are invited to watch the pupils’ performance in the library on performance day.
P1 & P2
Learning Journeys for P1 and P2 pupils
These learning journeys aims to:
  • foster bonding and camaderie amongst the Malay pupils
  • provide the lower primary pupils with an experiential learning experience to converse in Malay in authentic situations.
P1 & P2
Show & Tell
Parents are encouraged to be involved in this programme with their children as the programme:
  • creates opportunities for parents to collaborate with their children on a common topic of interest
  • widens pupils vocabulary related to the chosen topic
  • provides opportunities for the pupils to share their experiences
  • boosts pupils public speaking skills
  • improves pupils confidence to speak in Malay
P1 & P2
Mother Tongue Fortnight Enrichment Programme
Pupils are exposed to a variety of Malay culture. They will be given opportunity to try andengage cultural activities. The programme is reviewed yearly so that there will not be anyrepetition. In the past, pupils learned Malay Dance steps, kompang, silat, batik painting andketupat weaving. Authentic traditional Malay meal, Nasi Ambeng is served for lunch, wherepupils enjoy the meal in a kenduri concept.
P1 - P6
Subscription of Dewan Pelajar Magazine
Upper primary pupils will be exposed to different genres of text. Through their subscription ofthe Dewan Pelajar Magazine, pupils will get to read articles related to culture, language and current affairs in the magazine. There are also Malay Language exercises to expand pupils’vocabulary.
P5 & P6
Motivational Talks
Primary Six pupils will learn to be responsible for their own learning. Pupils will be involved in activities that motivate them to set high but achievable targets. Pupils will also realise the importance of proper planning to achieve their targets and realise their full potential.
EDN E-Learning Portal
Pupils will be able to:
  • access variety of ICT related activities in Malay – ranging from games, quizzes and revision papers
  • improve their vocabulary and command of the language
  • receive instant feedback on the ICT task attempted
P1 – P6
iMTL Portal
This is another ICT portal that is used by the Malay Department to improve pupils oral skills as it:
  • provides opportunities for pupils to record their reading passages and pictorial / video conversations
  • encourages self-assessment and self-reflection
  • enables pupils to assess their peers and provide constructive feedback
  • increases parental involvement
P4 - P6