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Head of Department: Mdm Lim Chye Hoon
Level Head: Mdm Yeow Puay Geok
Senior Teacher: Mdm Liu Jing
Mdm Tan Shih Ray
Mdm Ng Lee Chu
Ms Choo Kah Boy
Mrs Han-Tay Seok Kuan
Mr Peh Kwang Eng
Mdm Serene Tay
Mrs Chong-Wong Peh Yan
Mdm Lin Haizhen
Miss Kang Chao
Miss Tee Sow Chin
Mdm Xie Xiaofang
Ms Sarah Goh
Mr Kwok Wai Fung
Ms Lin Yi Jen
Mdm Teo Lay Chin

Vision To make the language learning Fun and Engaging

Goals / Objectives

  • To provide pupils with fun, enjoyable and engaging experiences in the learning of Chinese language.
  • To nurture pupils to become Active Learners and Proficient Users of Chinese Language
  • To inculcate good values in pupils
  • To enhance pupils' appreciation of the Chinese culture.

Programmes in 2017

‘STEP’ Orientation– Cooperative Learning
Term 1 Week 1&2
HYPY (HanYuPinYin) Teaching
- flash cards andactivities
Term 1 & Term 2
P4& P5
Inter-Class C-Idioms Game Competition
Term 3
Chinese Modular Approach
Whole year
Mother Tongue Fortnight
Term 1 Week 10
Term 2 Week 1
Book Fairs
Term 1, Term 3

Oral skills enhancement-oral package
Whole year
Writing skills enhancement-composition package
Whole year

Learning Tapestry-Problem-based Learning
P1 & P2 Term 2 Week 9 &10
P3 Term 1 Week 9 &10
P4 Term 3 Wk 2 & 3
P5 Term 1 Wk 10
Term 2 Wk 1
P6 Term 2 Wk 2


2016 Chinese New Year celebration

During Chinese New Year celebration,some of the Temasekians displayed their talents in the concert and they have displayed our school core values, Responsibility, Perseverance and Self-Confidence by putting in extra efforts in practicing for their performance. Classroom activities like On-The-Spot Colouring Contest for Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils and Chinese New Year Card Making Contest for Primary 3 to Primary 6 pupils are also held on that day.

Mother Tongue Fortnight

Mother Tongue Fortnight activities are conducted from 2 March and end on 13 March 2016.

Similar to last year’s event, the first week will be Language Week with classroom competition and canteen language games are organized to provide more opportunities for the pupils to become Proficient Users of the Chinese Language.

As for the second week , it is the Cultural Week which the pupils gain more exposure to understanding the Chinese culture. This year, the theme of the Cultural Week is “Traditional Festival” ( 传统节日 ). In this week, the pupils are introduced to the arts of paper-cutting  ( 剪纸 )which is traditional Chinese arts form commonly displayed during the Chinese New Year ( 农历新年 ). They also have opportunity to taste dumplings ( 粽子 ) and try their hands at dragon boat rowing to understand more about the “ Duan Wu Festival ” ( 端午节 ). The last concluding activity of the week has the pupils making their own snow-paste mooncakes , a common sight of “Mid-Autumn Festival” ( 中秋节 ) and eating the fruits of their labour.

Chinese writing camp for Primary 5 and Primary 6 pupils in 2015 March holidays

The purpose of the 1-Day writing camp in March Holidays is:
a) To impart specialised writing skills and strategies to upper pupils.
b) Harnessing the power of stories, this camp aims to develop creative and confident writers. With the use of high quality storytelling/literature, the camp helps to develop the sensory abilities of our students, cultivate their narrative abilities and unleash their creative potential.

Chinese Language Learning Game 2015

With the revised Chinese syllabus and change of thematic focus in textbooks, pupils have limited exposure to Chinese idioms and proverbs till they are explicitly taught at the upper primary level. The Chinese Language Learning Game is an innovative way to engage every pupil in the learning of Chinese vocabulary while playing the mind challenging board game, designed by the CL teachers.

This Chinese Language Learning Game is designed with the belief that effective learning takes place when pupils are being challenged. Through our Chinese Language Learning Game, pupils are able to develop their interaction skills, self-confidence, and enrich their language exposure through this fun-filled experience. Instead of rote-learning, pupils can play with their friends in school, and at home with their families. You will be amazed at how fast they learn new words and idioms through play! The Chinese Department h as organized the C-IDIOMS Game Inter-Class Competition since 2005. The overwhelming response from pupils’ participation in the competition was encouraging. This year, coming in Semester 2, we will also be organising the Competition with our newly enhanced Chinese Language Learning Game. 

2015 Chinese Language Game Competition for P4 & P5

The much anticipated Annual C-idioms Interclass competition for Primary Fours and Fives were held on 11 and 14 August respectively in the PAL room. The C-Idiom Game’s Team from the Chinese Department had revamped the game and the new version of the board game was launched this year.

Participants had to go through a few rounds leading up to the semi-finals where the champion would emerged from the game of four finalists. After the pre-game briefing, the room was filled with excitement and energy where everyone tried their best to outwit their opponents to advance in the game. After several rounds of intense competition of wits and knowledge of the Chinese Idioms and sayings, Khoo An Xian of 5E and Darrius Lam of 4C emerged as champion for their level. A big congratulation to all winners and a big thank you to all who had helped in making this competition a success. See you next year!

我校一年一度的华文成语游戏又来了。我们的游戏也在今年改版了,名为《天才西游》,棋盘和棋子是以《西游记》为主题。四,五年级的64位参赛者分别在8月11日和8月14日下午进行了一场紧张刺激的比赛。参赛者都竭尽所能,希望能够打败对手,晋级到大决赛, 成为冠军。最终,5E班的邱安贤及4C班的蓝智恒脱颖而出,成为冠军!

Pupils listened attentively to the pre game briefing P4s and P5s participants enjoying themselves while battling it out in the game!

The Primary Five Winners and the teachers. The Primary Four winners and the teachers.

Culture Camp 2015

2015 P4 Learning Tapestry Mobile Learning

In this year Learning Tapestry, the P4 Mother Tongue pupils embarked on an exciting new learning journey. They did mobile learning first time in their Mother Tongue classes. Armed with the iPads, the pupils work in teams and went all over the school to look for important information for their project, “Caring for the Physically-challenged”. While they are beamed with excitement about the new learning tool, iPad, they never forget about their project and many teams complete their projects well ahead of schedule. Many of the pupils feedback that they wish to participate in more mobile learning in their Mother Tongue lessons in the future.