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Head of Department ICT Mr Ernest Choon Guoxiang
ICT Sub Committee LeadersMr Lim Wu Yi (Content Creation)
Mdm Yeow Puay Geok (School Cockpit)
Mdm Norhayati Che’Lah (Cyber Wellness)
Mr Lee Sheng Jie Fabian (Consumer Support)
ICT Representatives
1. Ms Chen Yunting, Carol (English Department)
2. Mdm Norhayati Che’Lah (English Department)
3. Ms Nancy Chia (Math Department)
4. Mr Lim Wu Yi (Science Department)
5. Mr Muhd Dzulqarni Bin Mohd Safii (Science Department)
6. Mr Muhammad Diyar Bin Mustapa (PE Department)
7. Ms Jocelyn Goh (Music Department)
8. Mdm Yeow Puay Geok (CL Department)
9. Mdm Toh Chiew Hoon (CL Department)
10. Mdm Li Pei (CL Department)
11. Ms Luo Xi (CL Department)
12. Ms Kwang Kir Hwee (CL Department)
ICT AssociateMr Lee Sheng Jie Fabian 
ICT Specialist Ms Syaira Amira Bte Jamal Abdul Nasir
Desktop EngineersMr Sazuwan
Mr Kuah Gui Hong


Technology Multiplies People’s Strengths 

Unpacking the Vision
Everyone has strengths that can be further developed through the use of technology as a tool. 

Teachers’ strengths are in the areas of content, pedagogy and the assessment. They provide opportunities for students to further develop their knowledge and skills as 21st century students. They communicate and critically think as they provide suggestions to their peers using technology. 

Students’ learning and thinking can be made visible through technology. Targeted, timely feedback and peer learning can take place around these learning artifacts. Students can review the comments, refine their work and tracks their progress of learning using technology.

The ICT support staff also lend us their strengths in their knowledge and abilities in the use of technology. 

Parents as our partners in education, can also reinforce learning by tapping on technology as resources to support their child's learning. 

ICT Programme for the year 2019

  • Introduction to Personal Computers, Keyboarding and e-learning (English)
  • MLearning with iPads (Mathematics)
  • e-Learning (Blogging) 
P1 & P2: AsknLearn LMS
P3-P6: MC Online LMS

Teachers will be using the portals regularly to assign online lessons, tests, forum discussions, blogging activities, etc to the pupils.

Topics to be covered:
  • netiquette
  • dangers with cyber contacts
  • addiction
  • cyber bullying
  • handling inappropriate content
  • copyright issues
  • Use of MS PPT (English) integrated with Stellar
  • MLearning with iPads (Mathematics)
  • RoboALERT (English)
  • Use of MS Word (Event Flyer)
  • E-Learning 
  • Use of MS Excel (Mathematics)
  • Use of Newsmaker for STAGE-IT (English)
  • Blogging- LiT Programme (English)
  • RoboALERT (Science)
  • MLearning with iPads (Science)
  • Use of MS Excel / Powerpoint
  • Presentation of Line, Bar, Pie Chart
  • iMTL 
  • Use of Newsmaker for STAGE-IT (English)
  • Blogging- LiT Programme (English)
  • MLearning with iPads (Science)
  • Digital Music (Music)
  • RoboALERT (Mathematics)
  • 8 Point Compass
  • iMTL 
  • e-debate (English)
  • Let's agree to disagree!
  • Blogging for LiT Programme 
  • Brochure for MS Word(English)
  • Use of Excel (Mathematics)
  • Flipped-Learning
  • E-Learning
  • iMTL 
  • i'm a journalist! (MS Word)
  • Blogging for LiT Programme (English)
  • Use of MS Excel
  • iMTL
  • Video Editing (WOW Programme) 

Key School ICT Projects

    Science, Tecnology, Engineering and Mathematics STEM as the school’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP)
      RoboALERT (Applicative Learning Experience through Robotics at Temasek) 
        Mobile Learning  
          Digital Music Programme


          Based on the three Cyber Wellness principles of respect for self & others, safe & responsible use and positive peer influence, students have the opportunity to develop these knowledge and skills through the school’s integrated Cyber Wellness programme for all students. 
          The Cyber Wellness (CW) curriculum aims to equip students with life-long social-emotional competencies and sound values so that they can become safe, respectful and responsible users of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

          E-learning days (Home-based Learning-HBL)

          The intent of the E-Learning Day is to provide an experience for students to learn from home, supported by technology. This also serves as an important exercise in preparation for any emergency school closures so that learning can continue to take place from home. The E-Learning curriculum consists of the following areas.

          EnglishFor students in Primary 1 to Primary 6
          Mother TongueFor students in Primary 1 to Primary 6
           MathematicsFor students in Primary 1 to Primary 6 
           ScienceFor students in Primary 3 to Primary 6 
           AestheticsFor students in Primary 1 to Primary 6 
          Cyber Wellness For students in Primary 1 to Primary 6