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Level Head ICTMs Nur Ain Binte Mohamed Amin
ICT SpecialistMs Syaira Amira Bte Jamal Abdul Nasir
Multimedia Educator (MME)Mr Joseph Lee Jin Hua
Technology Assistant
Mr Zhang Jia Cai 
Mr Krishnan A/C Mancharan
ICT Team Leaders
Mdm Siti Azaliyah bte Abdul Majid
Mrs Serlene Cheong Leong Sian
ICT Representatives
Mrs Sharon Koh-Li Simin (EL) 
Mr Mohamed Akramullah (Math) 
Mrs Ong Cai Ling (Math) 
Ms Ivy Lai Yan Lin (Math) 
Ms Reavathiy Kumar (Math) 
Mr Lim Wu Yi (Science) 
Mr  Muhd Dzulqarni Bin Mohd Safii (Science) 
Mdm Yeow Puay Geok (CL) 
Mdm Nur Suhaila (ML) 
Mr Muhammad Diyar Bin Mustapa (PE) 
Mr Syed Ali Omar (PE)



We aspire to develop future ready digital learners who are responsible, self-directed and collaborative in learning through the use of technology.

Student's Work

ICT Programme for the year 2017

  • Introduction to Personal Computers, Keyboarding and e-learning (English)
  • MLearning with iPads (Mathematics)
  • e-Learning (Blogging) 
P1 & P2: AsknLearn LMS
P3-P6: MC Online LMS

Teachers will be using the portals regularly to assign online lessons, tests, forum discussions, blogging activities, etc to the pupils.

Topics to be covered:
  • netiquette
  • dangers with cyber contacts
  • addiction
  • cyber bullying
  • handling inappropriate content
  • copyright issues
  • Use of MS PPT (English) integrated with Stellar
  • MLearning with iPads (Mathematics)
  • RoboALERT (English)
  • Use of MS Word (Event Flyer)
  • E-Learning 
  • Use of MS Excel (Mathematics)
  • Use of Newsmaker for STAGE-IT (English)
  • Blogging- LiT Programme (English)
  • RoboALERT (Science)
  • MLearning with iPads (Science)
  • Use of MS Excel / Powerpoint
  • Presentation of Line, Bar, Pie Chart
  • iMTL 
  • Use of Newsmaker for STAGE-IT (English)
  • Blogging- LiT Programme (English)
  • MLearning with iPads (Science)
  • Digital Music (Music)
  • RoboALERT (Mathematics)
  • 8 Point Compass
  • iMTL 
  • e-debate (English)
  • Let's agree to disagree!
  • Blogging for LiT Programme 
  • Brochure for MS Word(English)
  • Use of Excel (Mathematics)
  • Flipped-Learning
  • E-Learning
  • iMTL 
  • i'm a journalist! (MS Word)
  • Blogging for LiT Programme (English)
  • Use of MS Excel
  • iMTL
  • Video Editing (WOW Programme) 

Key School ICT Projects

  • RoboALERT ( Applicative Learning Experience through Robotics at Temasek) 
  • MLearning 
  • Digital Arts Programme 
  • Digital Music Programme


In Temasek, we have integrated the Cyberwellness programme into the curriculum for all pupils. The topics covered include Netiquette, Dangers with Cyber Contacts, Addiction, Cyber Bullying, Handling Inappropriate Content and Copyright Issues. Through these lessons, we hope to instil the importance of cyberwellness, so that pupils will become discerning and responsible ICT users.

E-learning days (Home-based Learning-HBL)

In order to promote self-directed learning and to prepare our pupils and teachers for school closure in the event of an emergency, the school has stipulated certain days in the school’s calendar as e-learning days. Pupils need not come to school. They are expected to do the online resources found in the e-learning portal, assigned by their subject teachers.