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Head Of Department:Mrs Sharon Koh
Ms Nazlie Abdul Rashid (ST/EL)
Mr Vincent Neo (P3/4 Year Head)
Mrs Vanessa Chua (HOD CCE)
Mdm Salina (ST/Lower Primary)
Ms Arunah (SH NE/SS)
Mr Ernest Choon (HOD ICT)
Mr Patrick Tan (LSC) 
Mrs Teresa Lee (LSC)
Mdm Shafiza (MRL Coordinator)
Mdm Norhayati Chelah
Mdm Vivian Chong
Ms Rachael Tan
Ms G Nirmala
Ms Joy Tan
Ms Sheela Devi
Mrs Nirmala Sharma
Mrs Carol Aw
Mdm Nariman Saruan
Mrs Wong Keng Tzu 

The vision of the English Language department is for our students to become future global citizens who are articulate and effective users of the English Language.This is in alignment with our schools student learner outcome of 'Effective Communicator' and MOE's C2015 student outcome of 'Confident Person'

The English Language curriculum in Temasek is designed to lay a strong foundation forthe learning of core language skills as well as develop in our students a love for the language at the lower primary levels. Students continue to gain mastery of these skills as they participate in the learning of language in authentic and meaningful contexts of use.

In Temasek, English Language programmes and activities are designed to encourage our studentsto engage in critical thinking and express themselves creatively through the language arts.


Level Programmes
STELLAR(STrategies for English Language Learning And Reading
P1 - P6
W2iT(Write Well In Temasek) - Writing Programme
P1 - P6
STAGE-IT(Share and Talk about Anything in Good English In Temasek P1 & P2
Take the Lead,Start to Read! - School Reading Programme P1 - P6

Drama for Communication 

P1 & P2 
Drama in Actions P3 - P6 
LiT (Literature In TemasekP3 - P6 
Speak for a Cause  P4

STELLAR (STrategies for English Language Learning And Reading)

STELLAR is an MOE (Ministry of Education) initiative to develop children who love reading and have a strong foundation in the English Language. Through STELLAR, the department aims to focus on oral communication and enjoyment of the language by introducing pupils to a variety of print and non-print resources as well as literature texts to promote appreciation and use of the language. At Primary 1 and 2, our students learn to read for understanding and enjoyment and are explicitly taught language items, structures and skills through the Shared Book Approach (SBA). In the Modified Language Experience Approach (MLEA), students are engaged in fun and interesting shared experiences that encourage them to talk about as a class and then write about.


W2iT (Write Well in Temasek)

Our writing programme aims to increase the engagement of our students in writing and develop writing competence. Adopting the Writer’s Workshop approach at Primary 1, students are encouraged to write about their personal experiences. The writing process – idea generation, writing drafts, revising, editing and finally publishing their writing, is explicitly taught and continues to be emphasised at Primary 2. The teacher acts as a mentor author, modelling writing techniques and conferring with students as they move through the writing process. Direct writing instruction takes place in the form of mini-lessons that focus on a range
of topics.

From Primary 3 to 6, a customised writing package is used to develop in our students the essential skills of writing personal recounts based on a given structure to suit the purpose, audience and context. At Primary 5 and 6, we equip our students with the necessary writing skills using a comprehensive and detailed writing package which includes effective Writer’s Workshop strategies, writing resources from ELIS, exemplars, checklists and other resources. We hope that with the availability of such a package, our pupils will become Passionate Learners, Effective Communicators, and Critical and Creative Thinkers in the future.

STAGE IT (Share and Talk about Anything in Good English In Temasek)

To fulfil the schools student learner outcome of 'Effective Communicator', the pupils engage in 'STAGE IT' where they work collaboratively with their parents and teachers on their speech before presenting to their classmates. Feedback from the teacher and peers is then given through the use of rubrics.

Reading Programme – Take the Lead, Start to Read!   

In Temasek, we believe that reading is the foundation for effective language literacy acquisition. We aim to build a community of avid, lifelong readers through fun and exciting programmes. 


Reading Programme Framework

Each class is assigned a collection of books to increase their exposure to recommended reads. To instil a love for reading among students, platforms are provided for Primary 1 to 6 students to share and promote books that they enjoy reading to their peers before the morning assembly. The department also involves our parents as ‘mystery readers’ to read stories to our Primary 1 and 2 pupils during their recesses.

image6.jpgMystery Reader Programme for P1 & P2 students
I Read, WE Read, YOU Read! 
– Assembly book sharing by teachers and students


Books on Wheels during level recess

image2.jpgSchool-wide reading activities conducted as part of the National Reading Movement

Drama in Temasek

Drama helps our students to express themselves through verbal and non-verbal ways. Drama activities conducted as part of the English language curriculum develop our students’ confidence in speaking, improve oral communication skills and promote teamwork. Our students also develop social skills and empathy as
they take on the perspectives of different characters in stories. In Temasek, drama is an integral part of the English Language curriculum and drama activities are designed to complement the STELLAR units covered in the English lessons. Through the use of drama, our young learners are engaged in critical thinking and
perspective taking.

LiT (Literature In Temasek) 

LiT is a customised school-based curriculum differentiated to meet the needs of the Primary 3 to Primary 6 students in Temasek. Students are actively engaged in various activities such as character analysis and comparison, role play and debate to promote an appreciation of English Literature and a love for reading. Through a critical reading of the text, students identify values and leadership attributes that are aligned to the school's eight core values and the 7 habits.

Speak for a Cause

In Temasek Primary School, we recognise the need for our students to be not just effective communicators, but also empathetic communicators who possess the values and dispositions to listen actively to different points of view, think critically and speak with sensitivity – all of which are skills critical in an increasingly globalised world. 

‘Speak for a Cause’ is a new programme initiated by the English language department in 2019 that aims to provide our students with the opportunity to hone their public speaking skills in a supportive environment. This year, the school has collaborated with Mother Earth Toastmasters Club (METC) to provide training to our students in the programme. METC is a local non-profit organisation that helps youth in Singapore take on the role of ambassadors who will be advocators of environmental sustainability, the theme for this year’s programme. Students will take on the role of ‘Eco-Warriors’ and they will be given the opportunity to speak at different platforms to spread environmental messages.

Our facilitators from Mother Earth Toastmasters Club engaging
our students in learning about environmental sustainability

20190829_142718.jpgWhatsApp Image 2019-09-22 at 20.28.10.jpeg
Our confident young communicators presenting their prepared speeches 
to their parents and the audience

One of the participants, Soham, from Primary 4B, giving his presentation on Marine Pollution

Support Programmes

Learning support Programme(LSP)
P1 & P2
School-based Dyslexia Remediation (SDR) Programme P3 & P4
Reading Remediation Programme (RRP)  P3 & P4


Name of Competition
Name(s) of Participant(s)
Wits and Words
National Debate Competition 
Caitlyn Lim (6A)
Natasha Nadira (6A)
Lyndi Ng (6B)
Shavaun Lo (6C)
Celeste Pua (6C)
Natasha was Best Speaker for Round 1

Among the  top 5  debating school in the East Zone
 Babble and Speak 
Nicholas tan (6C) 
Caleb Chua(6C)
 Nicholas won the Gold Award for the Team Challenge 

Caleb won the  Gold Award for the Individual Challenge
 Moo-O Award 2018 
Zahraa Binte  Mohamad Idham Aljaroo (3C)
Rushil Rungta (3C)
New Wenhui , Renee (3D) 
Bronze Award
 National English Writing Competetion (New-C) 
Rayden Lau (4B)
Asher Lim(4C)
Tessa Yap(5A)
Shobi Yap(5B) 
Rayden won 3rd prize for Category 1(P3 &P4)
Kids LIT Quiz
Organised by POSB and NLB 
 Primary 5 Team
Sharlene Liew Jia Lin (5B)
Nethra Guruvayurappan (5B)
Jayden Lim Wei Jun (5B)
Chionh Zi Qi Giselle (5C)
Jerry Teo Jun Yan (5B)

 Primary 6 Team
Lim Wan Rong Caitlyn (6A)
Pua Xin Yao Celeste (6C)
Lo Hiu Fung Shavaun (6C)
Ashlee Lim Enxi (6A)
Certificate of Participation 
Wits and Words
National Debate
Competition (organised
by DA and MOE)
Kow Min Dana Namali (6C)
Shann Sim (6C)
Shanassa Vijayndran (6D)
Shayna Vijayndran (6B)
Anjana Paniharam (6C)
Dana Kow was Best Speaker for all three rounds. Dana also won
the Good Speaker award for being among the top 10 speakers
RHB – Straits Times
National Spelling Championship
Preliminary Round
Luke Tan (6C)
Shriya Aggarwal (6C)
Eisya Alea Bte Elham (6D)
Jaime Gong Huai Wern (6D)
Nicklaus Chen Jun Wei (6D)
Srivastava Aarushi (5B)
Nicholas Tan Jin Hong (5C)
Cherson Tan (6C)
Chua Yi Xi Leroy (4C)
Kushaan Sharma (4D)
Nicklaus Chen
Jun Wei made it
to the semi finals
Kids’ Lit Quiz organized
by POSB and NLB
Primary 5 Team
Lim Wan Rong Caitlyn (5A)
Vu Khanh Huyen (5A)
Ng Xin Hui Lyndi (5B)
Kiara Sidwell (5B)
Nicholas Tan Jin Hong (5C)
Phung Ding Jun Zachary (5C)
Entered semi-finals
 Kids’ Lit Quiz organized
by POSB and NLB
Primary 6 Team
Lim Xi Wen Kaitlyn (6C)
Muhammad Irfan Bin Rafi (6C)
Tan Xuan En Ally (6D)
Melissa Wei-En Hecker (6D)
Shanassa Vijayndran (6D)
Shayna Vijayndran (6B)
Made it to National Finals
 Babble and SpeakShann Sim (6C)
Anjana Paniharam (6C)
Shann Sim won the  bronze award

Primary School Open
Debate(organised by MGS and Debate Association)
Caitlyn Lim (5A)
Natasha Nadira (5A)
Shernice Ng (5A)
Lyndi NG (5B)
Shavaun Lo (5C)

Caitlyn Lim was one of
the top 5 speakers.