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Character Citizenship Education


Organisation Structure
Student Development Team
- Pupil Well Being
- Pastoral Care &
- Discipline
Mdm Tan Shih Ray
Mr Vincent Neo
Ms May O
Year Head (P1-2)
Year Head (P3-4)
Year Head (P5-6)
Character Education
- Leader For Life (7 Habits)
- Sexuality Education
- Education & Career Guidance
- MT - CCE
Mdm Fatimah
Mdm Tan Shih Ray
Senior Teacher
Year Head
National Education & Social Studies
Mdm Arunah
Assistant Year Head
Student Leadership
Mr Vincent Neo
HOD Pupil Development
Service Learning
Ms May O
Mdm Rajeswari d/o Chandra
Year Head
CCE Coordinator
& Behavioural Support
Mr Jagjeet Singh
Mr Sahlan Selamat
Mrs Theresa Goh
Miss Ong May Chin
Mrs Joyce Tan
School Counsellor
Counsellor (PT)
Learning & Behavioural Support

Vision Statement

An Effective Leader of Character, A Responsible and Committed Citizen
(A Temasekian rooted in values and ready to contribute effectively to the growth and success of Singapore and the world)


To nurture pupils’ character and cultivate responsible citizens.

Organisation Structure

The CCE department operates through 4 main focused areas:
1. Pupil Well-Being& Character Education:
- Pastoral Care& Counselling
look into the emotional well-being and development of the pupils  through fostering a strong teacher-pupilrelationship via avenues such as the 1-1 Form Teacher-  PupilTime, Fostering N Bonding Sessions (FnB).

- Discipline & Counselling
look into the behavioural developmentof the pupils via ACORN  Discipline Reflection Tool) andbehavioural and learning support approaches.

- Leader for Life Programme and MT-CCE
looks into equipping the pupils with effective leadership habits  through the learning and application of 7-Habits Principles and embracing the school character  values in their personal and school life.

- Sexuality Education, Cyber-wellness, Education & Career Guidance
look into the  development of self- awareness and self-management skills to achieve personal well-being and

2. Student Leadership Development
looks into the development of pupils’ leadership attributes and  competencies in class committees, CCAs and Prefect Council through Leadership Training and  Enrichment Programmes, Service Learning Programmes, Overseas Immersion Trips and Service  in school and during school events.

3. National Education
aims to develop national cohesion, cultivate the instinct for survival as a  nation and instil in our pupils confidence in our nation's future. It also emphasises on cultivating  a sense of belonging and emotional rootedness to Singapore. National Education is  pervasively implemented through Social Studies lessons, Learning Journeys, NE Events and  Project Work. 

4. Service Learning
focuses on community involvement programmes that promote active  participation by staff and pupils to enhance the well-being of the community and the country. It aims to  strengthen the school’s links with the community and enhance character development and leadership in our  pupils. Some of the programmes include:Recycling Programme, Commemoration of Earth Day, Team Up.  Clean Up, Fund Raising Activities and Charity Projects  Student Leadership