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Temasek Talent Fiesta

The Temasek Talent Fiesta creates a platform for Temasek's budding and experienced performer to hone their performing and leadership skills in performing and working on their stage presence.This align with the school's belief that every child has the potential and worth to succeed in life and to accomplish any goals they set.

The Talent Fiesta is a very well received event with students performing their favourite songs through singing, playing on instrument like the piano and violin, and choreographing their own dance items, Through this event, many hidden talents were identified in the areas of the performing arts.

The performance will also be given the opportunity to perform on a bigger stage for our school events such as Talentland, Magicland and Speech day.


Enrichment Programmes

Temasek offer a wide range of enrichment programmes designed with the aim of allowing every students to experience musical creativity and provide the basics to develop an informed and life-long involvement in music.

Students 'play-to-learn' different wind, string, and percussion instruments individually and in an ensemble through the various programme offered:

1. Percussion Programme
2. Recorder Programme
3. Ukulele Programme
4  Guitar Programme
5. Soundscape Programme
6. Pop Band Programme
7. GarageBand Programme
8. Hip-hop and jazz dance Programme

As listening is a key process in music education, students learn how to activate their musical ear and listen attentively and thoughtfully to different types of music by questioning and wondering deeper to understand the role and meaning of music.

Music has the ability to unite people and it plays a vital role in almost all cultures and societies. Through a wide exposure to music from both local and global cultures, e.g. Chinese music, Malay music, Thai music, Vietnam music and Western music, students will be able to gain insights to other cultures and be open to the different types of music around them and in the world. This increases their global awareness as well as sensitivity and understanding towards others.

We hope that through our programmes, students develop their ability for creative expression and be able to communicate with others effectively through music. Our programmes require no musical expertise so every child can benefit from the programmes.

Enrichment Prog 3.pngEnrichment Prog 1.JPG
Enrichment Prog 4.jpgEP1.png

To expose pupils to the world of Hip-Hop and Jazz music, pupils dance to a variety of music. Pupils master the fundamentals of electronic music production by completing musical excerpts using Apple Garageband. 

Assembly Programmes

The school aims to provide all students with access to quality arts education programmes through the monthly assemblies. The school puts up 12 arts programmes of various performing arts to students from Primary 1 to Primary 6. The assembly programmes expose students to the different performing arts e.g. acapella singing and percussion ensemble.

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Temasek Primary sent a team of 6 pupils for the East Zone Music Warrior Competition. The competition exposes pupils to a variety of music genres, music composition sessions and music quizzes. It provides opportunity for the primary 4 and 5 pupils to perform in a competitive situation. 

Biennial East Zone Music Competition is organized by the East Zone Committee of Music Teachers, supported by Centre of Excellence for Music (East). It aims to develop the performing skills of pianists, violinists and solo pop singers. It provides our pupils opportunities to perform before a panel of national judges and appreciated by the audience and supporters in the hall.

Previous winners:

Piano (Senior) Category - Renee Ng (3rd)

Piano (Senior) Category - Kion Chew (1st)
Violin Category - Joshua Lim (3rd)
Pop Voice Category - Melissa Hecker (1st)
Pop Voice Category - Shernice Ng (2nd)