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Taipei Jian Kang Elementary School Immersion Programme

On 6 February 2017, Temasek Primary School welcomed a group of 39 P6 Taiwanese pupils from Taipei Jian Kang Elementary School. All of them, together with their principal, Mdm Chen and HOD Mdm Luo, were warmly received by our school leaders. The Taiwanese pupils were allocated to various P5 classes for lessons and our P5 pupils buddied them. Our pupils took care of the visitors’ well-being and showed them around the school, allowing them to experience being Temasekians for a short time. They had a good time interacting with their assigned buddies. The Taiwanese pupils also attended Robotics lessons and Art lessons customised for them. 

During the farewell session, both Temasek Primary School and Taipei Jian Kang Elementary 
School pupils exchanged gifts and took pictures to seal the friendships established and forged over the short period of time. It was a memorable experience for all who were involved.