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School Visitors

Taipei Jian Kang Elementary School Immersion Programme

On 6 February 2017, Temasek Primary School welcomed a group of 39 P6 Taiwanese pupils from Taipei Jian Kang Elementary School. All of them, together with their principal, Mdm Chen and HOD Mdm Luo, were warmly received by our school leaders. The Taiwanese pupils were allocated to various P5 classes for lessons and our P5 pupils buddied them. Our pupils took care of the visitors’ well-being and showed them around the school, allowing them to experience being Temasekians for a short time. They had a good time interacting with their assigned buddies. The Taiwanese pupils also attended Robotics lessons and Art lessons customised for them. During the farewell session, both Temasek Primary School and Taipei Jian Kang Elementary School pupils exchanged gifts and took pictures to seal the friendships established and forged over the short period of time. It was a memorable experience for all who were involved.

Taipei Jian Kang Elementary School Immersion Programme - 01Taipei Jian Kang Elementary School Immersion Programme - 02

Taipei Jian Kang Elementary School Immersion Programme - 03

Visit by Taiwan Delegates

On 8 August 2016, the school played host to 27 pupils from 4 elementary schools from Kaohsiung. They were accompanied by 2 principals from 2 schools and 2 HODs from the other 2 schools. The pupils were assigned to the P4 and P5 classes to be immersed in the classrooms and they also had lessons on robotics.

Taiwan Immersion Programme

From 21-22 July 2016, a group of pupils and teachers from National University of Tainan Affliated Primary School came to Temasek Primary for a 2-day immersion programme. They were accompanied by their principal and 6 other teachers.  The pupils, aged between 10 and 12 years old, were attached to the P4 and P5 levels. Each pupil was assigned a Temasek buddy and all of them had a fun-filled 2-day Temasek experience in class. Not only did the Taiwanese students attend our Racial Harmony commemorative event in the hall, they also performed a Taiwanese tribal dance as an introductory item upon their arrival.  On the second day, a customised Robotics lessons was conducted by our ICT HOD, Mdm Marlini, for the Taiwanese pupils and teachers. They enjoyed the lessons tremendously and were envious that we had the expertise and infrastructure to allow every child in Temasek to experience Robotics lessons.

Visitors from Malawi

Our school also hosted visitors from Malawi on 21 July 2016. They performed martial arts during our Racial Harmony Day concert and also conducted a lesson on Chinese poem appreciation and writing for our P5 HCL pupils. During the lesson, they interacted with our pupils and shared with them their experiences in learning Chinese.

P3 Singapore Japanese School Exchange Programme

160 of our Primary Three pupils hosted an equal number of Primary Three pupils from the Singapore Japanese School (Changi Campus) during their visit to Temasek Primary on Tuesday, 12 July 2016. Both pupils from Temasek Primary and the Singapore Japanese School wrote introduction cards and had a chance to meaningfully interact through playing our traditional games of five stones, kuti-kuti, pick-up sticks and chopstick marbles. These games were facilitated by the P6 NE Ambassadors and pupils from Primary 4B. The P3 pupils then collaborated in the mass Art activity which featured the various traditional costumes of the various races.

On Friday, 22 July 2016, the P3 pupils from Primary 3B, 3C, 3D and 3E visited the Singapore Japanese School and had the chance to learn more about the Japanese culture through their interaction with the Japanese pupils when they played various games like “the string game” and paper spinning tops, as well as in the making of “origami”.

This positive interaction between the two schools is clearly captured in the following photographs: