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Project Green Earth


Temasek Primary School commemorated Project Green Earth as a collaborative event on 24 April and 25 April 2014. The project is a collaboration between the members of the Temasek ParentConnection Committee, the school’s Partners Committee and Temasek Student Leaders. The project is a part of the prefects’ service learning platform to serve and to demonstrate the value of respect. Besides advocating Respect for Oneself, Respect for Others, the prefects promote the need to Respect Our Environment. They also attempt to raise the awareness amongst  pupils and staff on the importance of the green habits.

The event involved the sales of potted plants with vital information on their care routine. Moreover, there were quizzes for pupils to increase their awareness and knowledge about plants and their contribution to the Earth’s wellbeing. The members of ParentConnection Committee together with the school’s prefects sold numerous potted plants to pupils and staff during the recess periods, ending the two day event smoothly and successfully. The school wishes to thank the ParentConnection Committee for their unwavering support.