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Temasek Primary School turns 40 in 2020


'Dendrobium Temasek Humility' is an orchid hybridised by our Primary 6 students during the Life Science Programme. It is named after one of our school's values, 'Humility', in celebration of our school's 40th Anniversary. A hybrid of Dendrobium Lucian Pink and Dendrobium Pink Lady, Dendrobium Temasek Humility bears white flowers with lime green hue on the stigmatic surface. The white flower symbolises humility, reverence, nobility and purity. Its mild sweet fragrance that is never overpowering, signifies graciousness and modesty. The white petals, with a lime green hue, which exhibit a harmonious blend of humility, growth and life, signifies the importance and beauty of humility in one’s personal growth.