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ICT E-learning P2

Date : 23rd March

SubjectsTeacher's NameEmail
EnglishMrs Teresa Leetemasek_ps@moe.edu.sg
Mathematics  Mdm Siti Azaliyah temasek_ps@moe.edu.sg
 Chinese Mdm Li Peitemasek_ps@moe.edu.sg 
Malay  Mdm Fahartitemasek_ps@moe.edu.sg 
 Tamil Mdm Rajestemasek_ps@moe.edu.sg 

Postal Address                    :  510 Bedok South Ave 3, Singapore 469300  
School’s Helpline                :  6443 8134


Log into AsknLearn to complete assigned task.
Step 1
Click on "My Tasks

Step 2
Click on "March Resilience Run Assignment”

Step 3
Complete the following assignments:
1) 1 Comprehension: A School Outing   
 2) 7 Idiom Learning Slides   
 3) 1 Idiom Hangman (Quiz)   
 4) 1 Grammar Activity: Conjuctions

Log into AsknLearn to complete assigned task.
Step 1
Click on "Multiplication and division"

Step 2
Complete the assignment.

1. Online vocabulary revision exercises

User ID: (given by teacher previously)
Password: temasekpri

Step 1

Go to “Your Classes” (left side of the screen)and select your Mother Tongue class.

Step 2
Select Chapter 6 study set.

Step 3

Click “Learn” and answer all the questions until you reach 100% progress.

Step 4

Click “Flashcards” and revise all the words.

Step 5

Click “Test” and complete all the questions.
 (* You may wish to go to “Option”, under “Question Types”, unchecked the “Written” box if you have difficulty typing hanyu pinyin or Chinese word.  
Then you will click “Create New Test”.  A new test will be generated.)

Step 6

Click “Match” and complete the matching game with the shortest possible timing.


 Oral Reading practice
Click on Latihan Lisan Darjah 2 (Malay) 
Step 1

Login to Pazhahutamil.com 
(tamil e-learning portal)

Step 2

select and do
Term 1 :ex 24-27 and term 2: ex 28-30