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Dendrobium Temasek President's Challenge

In his official Facebook page, former President Dr Tony Tan expressed his thanks to Temasek Primary School:

president tony tan preisdents challenge orchid.jpg

Received a new hybrid orchid - Dendrobium Temasek President’s Challenge - created by Temasek Primary School students, a strong supporter and donor of President’s Challenge. I would like to thank them for this lovely gift, and for their support for the President’s Challenge. 

Temasek Primary School students shared that the purple colour represents royalty, respect, admiration and dignity while the white lines represent people from all walks of life, regardless of culture, religion or family background, coming together to contribute their time, talent and resources to help those who are less fortunate in the community. 

presidents challenge orchid.jpg
A close-up shot of the Dendrobium Temasek President’s Challenge, a hybrid of Dendrobium Red Bull and Dendrobrium Pink Lady. (MCI photo by Fyrol)

                                                                People Our key

Our heartiest congratulations to Miss May O for being a recipient of the President’s Award for Teachers 2016. The award recognises excellent teachers for their dedication and hard work in ensuring the holistic development of students. It is certainly a proud and memorable moment for Temasek Primary!


Math teacher and Year Head O Guat Bee has                                                Miss May O receiving the award  
found a more powerful weapon to make her                                                   from the President, Dr Tony Tan.
students deliver results – love.






Inspiring Chinese Language Teacher Award

We are proud of our staff, Mrs Sophie Wang, for being conferred the Inspiring Chinese Language Teacher Award . This award is organised by Lianhe Zaobao with co-organisers being the Singapore Middle School Chinese Teachers’ Association and the Singapore Chinese Teachers’ Union. The Award is endorsed by the Ministry of Education and is sponsored by the Lee Foundation.

This award is given to teachers who are able to arouse students’ interest in the Chinese Language and Culture through creative teaching or through co-curricular activities. The awardees would have shown dedication in helping students in their learning, and demonstrated care and concern for, and understanding of their students.

Pupil's Our Pride

Temasek's Very Own Budding Actress - ' Little Emily '

Our talented P5 pupil, Melissa Hecker, acted in the musical, Emily, as the little Emily. A few of our pupils and their family members as well as the Form Teacher, Miss Jill Wong, attended the musical on 21 May 2016. Her classmates with encouragement from Miss Jill Wong, made a special card with words of encouragement and well wishes for her. One of the pupils presented the card and flowers to her after the musical. Melissa was surprised by the act of her classmates. Her mother, too, was touched by the gesture of Melissa’s classmates and thanked the pupils and Form Teacher. Melissa’s classmates have demonstrated kindness through their kind words and acts.