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Martin is a strong proponent of experiential learning and instills in his students a love for Mathematics through play.

Martin creates innovative games and activities to pique students' interest in Mathematics. He came up with the idea of the Multiplication Challenge which uses flash cards to challenge students to remember as many multiplication facts as they can within a given time. For Martin, learning should not be constrained by the walls of classrooms or restricted to curriculum time. He transformed the games corner in the classroom into a Mathematics Mobile Games Cart, so that students could access the maths manipulatives anywhere.

Martin used to teach in a Secondary school. As a cross-level deployed teacher, he goes the extra mile to keep abreast of strategies appropriate for his current students by participating in Networked Learning Communities.

In order to prepare his students for life, he encourages his young charges to participate in co-curricular activities such as Scouts National Gang Show 2018 and Combined Uniform Group Camp; activities that challenge them to step out of their comfort zone. These are also opportunities to instil in his students strong values.

For his commitment to continuously improve himself and help his students discover the joy of learning, Martin is conferred the Outstanding Youth in Education Award 2019.