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Discipline Policy and Guidelines

1. Attire and appearance
  • Disobeying school rules on attire.
  • PE T-Shirt not tucked in 
  • Not wearing Temasek Socks
  • Wearing Temasek Socks with the logo below the ankle
  • Name tag or school badge not sewn on the uniform/tee-shirt
  • Shoulder length hair not tied/long fringe not clipped (Girls)
  • Hair toucing the ears or the shirt collar/fringe touching the eyebrow(boys)
  • Wearing a colourful and fanciful hair accessories ,ear studs, earrings and ear sticks
  • wearing acessories e.g necklace ,friendship bands
  • Having long nails.
2. Be Considerate
  • Not submitting class work,homework,project work, etc without a valid reason
  • Behaving in a disruptive and dangerous manner in the classroom, school compound or school bus
  • Failing to bring required materials such as art materials, musical instrument,PE attire ,etc
  • Staying in classroom during recess in the absence of teacher
  • Venturing to out of bounds area in the absence of teacher e.g. Indoor Sports Hall, Field, Computer Labs
  • Littering 
  • Telling lies
  • Name-calling
  • Eating outside the school canteen
  • Using abusive/vulgar language
  • Loitering outside the school in school uniform and causing a nuisance to the public
  • Bringing electronic and/or mobile devices to school

3. Come to school punctually
  • Arriving in School after 7.30 a.m
  • Absent from school without Medical Certificate/letter from parent/guardian
  • Missing lessons/activities(including CCA, Enrichment and Remedial) without a Medical Certificate or a letter from parent/guardian
4. Truancy
  • Being absent from school without parent's/guardian's knowledge
  • Leaving school premises during curriculum time without permission from a teacher

5. Dishonesty
  • Stealing/Shoplifting
  • Cheating during Test/assessments
  • Changing marks on examination/test papers
  • Forging parent's /guardian's/teacher's signatures
  • Changing information on Medical Certificates, forms, etc with the intention to deceive
  • Breaching of tests/examination rules and regulations

5. Open defiance
  • Refusing to conform to school rules,norms and practices
  • Disobeying teacher's instructions
  • Displaying rudeness and disrespect in speech or body language
  • Using abusive , offensive or vulgar language
  • Shouting at/confronting teacher

6. Misconduct
  • Bullying
  • Assault
  • Extortion
  • Vandalism
  • Fighting
  • Gambling 
  • Smoking/Possession of cigarette/lighter
  • Using information , communications and technology (e.g computer,SMS Internet, electronic mail) in an improper or unlawful manner

Possible actions/consequences to all offences

  • Verbal /Written warning
  • Apply class rules and consequences
  • Counselling 
  • Meeting with parent/guardian
  • Entry in school's offence record
  • Perform service to the school
  • Reflection
  • A 'Fair' for Conduct for Conduct Grade for the semester
  • Referral to external agency to support
  • Letter of Advice/Warning when similar offence is committed more than 5 times
  • When late for school , student will receive a late slip from General Office and he /She must submit the late Slip to teacher in order to join in the class
  • Suspension from school programme /activity
  • Makes a police report
  • Caning
  • Suspension from school
  • Confiscation of unauthorised items e.g.electronic devices,mobile devices