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Consequences of Wrong Conduct

1. Attire and appearance
  • Pupils who do not observe the rules of attire, particularly the school uniform will be booked by the prefects and Form Teachers will follow up with calls to parents.
  • Pupils who do not conform to the rules regarding accessories and jewelry will have their items confiscated.

2. Punctuality
  • Pupils who are booked 3 times for late-coming will be issued with letter of warning followed by a call to their parents.

3. Consideration for others
  • Mobile phones, smart watches, music/video players, electronic games, toys and expensive items brought to the school will be confiscated. The confiscated items will be returned at the end of the school term.
  • Pupils caught littering will be subjected to disciplinary action.

4. Detention 
  • Pupils who consistently do not do their homework/school work or consistently forget to bring their books to school will be liable for detention.

5. Caning
  • Serious and repeated offences, for example rudeness, inappropriate language, violence, fighting, defiance, vandalism, theft, playing truant and bullying will not be tolerated. The school will administer caning to the boys should they commit serious and repeated offences. For girls, appropriate disciplinary action/s will be taken depending on the severity of the offence.

6. Suspension/Expulsion
  • Pupils who commit serious and repeated offences may also be liable for suspension or expulsion from school. Parents of such pupils will be called in for a discussion with the Principal.