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1. Punctuality
  •  Pupils are to assemble at the assembly area by 7.20am.
  • Pupils are considered late if they are not in school by 7.30am. On rainy days, pupils are considered late if they arrive after 7.40am.
  • No pupil is allowed to remain in class, unattended during the morning/afternoon/evening assemblies or during the recess .
  • Late coming without a valid reason is a breach of school discipline.

2. Respect for National Anthem/School Song/Assembly Programme
  • Pupils who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the pledge. Pupils will take the pledge with the right fist placed over the heart
  • Pupils must stand at attention throughout the singing of the National Anthem and the School Song and the recitation of the Nation's Pledge and the  Leaders' Character Pledge. 
  • Pupils must be respectful listeners, giving full attention to any speaker on the stage.

3. Dismissal
  • No pupil may leave school for any reason without permission from the Principal or teachers. 
  • Pupils who have to leave school during school hours for whatever reasons must provide a letter or excuse from their parents/guardians in advance. Parents/Guardians must sign out the pupils in the
    General Office.

  • Pupils who need to stay in school after curriculum hours must not leave the school for lunch or for other reasons without informing the teacher concerned.
  • In cases of an emergency, when a pupil has to leave the school, he/she can only do so if he/she is accompanied by a parent or guardian who will sign him/her out in the General Office.

4. Absence from school
  • A pupil who is absent from school must submit a letter of excuse or Medical Certificate to the Form Teacher upon return. 
  • Pupils who are absent from CCA or focused group learning/supplementary/enrichment lessons must also submit a letter of excuse to the teacher concerned. 
  • All pupils are expected to attend school during term time. Permission to take leave from school during term time will only be granted by the Principal upon advance notice and for appropriate reasons.

5. Consideration
  • Pupils will observe silence when moving from place to place in the school and during assemblies. 
  • Pupils are to seek permission from the teacher and use the exit pass when leaving the classroom. 
  • Food is only to be consumed in the canteen and during official snack breaks.
  • Plates, bowls and cutlery used in the canteen must be returned to their respective collection containers. 
  • Littering is forbidden. 
  • Vandalism is an offence. 
  • Pupils are to behave well and be seated at all times in school bus/van. They should not litter, play and run around while in or waiting for the school bus/van.

6. Banned and restricted Items

  • Weapons and weapon like items
    All pupil are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon.They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others. Possession of such item is a serious offence .Disciplinary action/s will be taken for repeated offences and these may include caning, detention and/or suspension.
  • Sharp-pointed /sharped edged tools/equipments
    Pupil should not use or play with any sharp-pointed /sharp edged tools/equipments unless supervised by a teacher during lessons. All issued tools/equipments should be returned promptly after use
  • Electronic devices
    pupils are not allowed to bring electronic devices(e.g portable music or video players,camera and mobile communication devices such as mobile phones, iPads, laptops and smart watches) to school
  • Others
    Pupils are not allowed to bring toys, cardgames, balls, or sporting equipment to school unless instructed by teachers.