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Attire and Appearance

1. The Temasek Primary Uniform
  • Every pupil must come to school in full uniform
    i.e. light beige striped cotton blouse and chestnut brown skirt for girls and
    light beige striped cotton shirt and chestnut brown shorts for boys.
  • The pupil’s name tag and school badge to be worn in this order: 

Name Tag

School Badge
  • The student's name tag must be sewn above the school badge. For Boys the name tag is flushed with the top of the pocket . For girls the name tag must be sewn 1 cm above the school badge.
  • The shirts/blouses of the  uniform must not be tucked in.
  • The sleeves of the blouse or shirt should not be folded.
  • For girls, the skirt must be at knee-Length
  • Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.
  • The school uniform must be worn at all times when pupils report to school, even during the
    school holidays, for CCAs or enrichment classes. Students must be neatly attired to uphold the name of
    the school.
  • When wearing jacket/windbreaker, only single tone colour jacket are allowed e.g. grey,black,brown. No bright colours and loud prints are allowed.

2. Shoes and socks
  • Temasek White school socks are to be word with school shoes .Sockes with the school name is to be worn at the ankle level.Shoes must be all white with laces or velcro tape.
  • White track shoes may only be worn on medical grounds and the school has to be kept informed regarding the use of special footwear due to medical condition.
  • Track shoes for CCA purposes should only be worn during CCA sessions. Students are to change into theirr school shoes after the CCA sessions.
  • Student are allowed to put on a pair of sandals with strap round the ankle if they have any injury on their foot/feet . No Slippers are allowed.

3. PE Attire

  • The PE T-Shirt must be tucked in at all times when worn.
  • PE attire can only be worn when there are PE/PAL lessons and CCA sessions.
  • For School excursions, PE T- Shirt and School shorts/skirts are to be worn.
  • The name tag must be sewn 1 cm above the school badge.

4. School Tie
  • The school tie is to be worn every Friday and on special school functions.

5. Hair and Accessories

5.1Fringe must not touch the eye brows
5.2For short hair, hair lengt must not go below he collar of the blouse/PE t-shirtsHair at the sides must not touch the ears. Hair at the back should not touch the collar.
 5.3Long hair that goes below the collar is to be neatly tied up/Plaited No Long sideburns is allowed. No undercut hairstyle is allowed. 
 5.4Hair Colour should remain natural Hair colour should remain natural 
5.5 Hair acessories should be solid blac or brown in colours Clean shaven-at all times 

6. Fingernails
  • To maintain personal hygiene, fingernails to be kept short and clean. 
  • No nail polish or strengthener should be applied to fingernails.

7. Jewellery
  • Only one pair natural metal (gold/silver) ear studs measuring about 0.2 cm may be worn for girls.
  • Ornament accessories like friendship bands, bracelets, etc are not permitted.

8. Others
  • Pupils are not allowed to wear make-up at any time except when performing during concerts .