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Track And Field

School Team 
Teachers In-Charge: 
Mr Marcus Lau (In charge) 
Miss Sarah Goh 
Mdm Shafiza 
Ms Tan Keng Tzu 
Ms Vivian Chong 
Mr Ali 
Developmental Team 
Teachers In-Charge 
Mr Diyar (In charge) 

CCA Overview
Track and field is offered as a CCA for P3 to P6 students who display good potential in track and field events and also have interest in developing their strength in this discipline. 

We help students to pursue their interest, discover and develop talents in the various track and field events. We also aim to develop students as leaders who display innate discipline, determination and sportsmanship. Students who show commitment and perseverance will have the capacity and opportunity to further develop and display their talent at the inter-school and national levels. 

We believe that our progressive training system coupled with the emphasis on character building where our members will take away valuable lessons that will stay with them in their life journey. 

Sharing from seniors: 
Elya 6C 2014 (currently in TKGS Tennis School Team 2017 )
A value that I have learnt from track and field was determination. For someone who joined later and was behind everybody else, I had to catch up. I really wanted to compete in the next season hence, I never missed a training session despite my sickness or injuries. I’d pace myself according to my ability in order to complete the training without hurting myself further. As a result I managed to compete in the next season. That was a pleasant surprise for my teammates and myself. 

Another thing I learnt is sportsmanship and humility. These two work together hand-in-hand especially in competitions. No matter how strong you are in your event, you should always wish the best of luck to your opponents and congratulate them in the end. This also applies to your teammates. You should always encourage your teammates to do well in their events and to give their all in competitions. The senior and junior members need to interact more to have a strong bond and create a supportive environment. 

Amirah 6B 2011 (currently in RGS Track and Field School Team 2017) 
If there's anything I took away from this sport, it would definitely be self-disciplined. Having to juggle such a demanding CCA on top of my studies really taught me how to manage my time well, a skill that will benefit so many student athletes! Track and field also taught me to never give up, and to always give my best. These are valuable life lessons that I'm truly grateful for. :-) 
CCA Objectives
  • To cultivate an intrinsic fighting spirit and determination in our members.
  • To develop diligent, responsible, respectful and disciplined athletes.
  • To provide platforms for all athletes to participate and compete and showcase the values cultivated during CCA.
  • To develop a strong mentoring system such that seniors return to impart learnings and values.
CCA Schedule
(Sch/ Dev Team) 
During school hours
School / Tracks
(School Team) 
2.45 pm – 5.30 pm
(School Team) 
2.45 pm – 5.30 pm
CCA Key events / Tournament period
1. National School Games (March – April) 
2. Singapore Sports School Invitation Competition (February) 
3. Cedar Victoria Alliance Championship (February) 
4. Akira Swift Track and Field Meet (March) 
5. Camp Challenge Invitation Competition (November)