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Taekwondo Club

1. Mrs Ivy Ho (IC) 
2. Mdm Koh Cai Ling (2nd IC) 
3. Miss Kang Chao 
4. Mdm Julie Xie 
5. Mdm Randeep 
6. Mdm Salina 
7. Mdm Norhayati Chelah 
8. Mrs Chua Lian Hoe
CCA Overview
2016 National Inter-School Taekwondo Championships 
Total Number of Medals
18 Golds 
21 Silvers 
28 Bronzes 
Total: 67 medals 

Overall Trophies (We received trophies for 6 out of 8 categories)
1st Senior Male (Kyorugi) 
1st Junior Females (Kyorugi) 
4th Senior Females (Poomsae) 
2nd Junior Females (Poomsae) 
3rd Senior Male (Poomsae) 
2nd Junior Male (Poomsae)
CCA Objectives
  • To develop an appreciation of Taekwondo as a sport and as an art
  • To achieve physical fitness through positive participation
  • To improve mental discipline and emotional equanimity
  • To acquire self-defence skills
  • To develop a sense of responsibility for oneself and others. (Core Value – Respect, Responsibility)
  • To learn cooperation and teamwork (Core Values – Respect, Consideration, Open-Mindedness, Charity)
  • To master self-discipline and self-control (Core Values – Respect, Consideration)
  • To develop one's potential (Core Values – Self-Confidence)
  • To improve one's concentration
  • To work towards one's goals (Core Values – Perseverance, Responsibility)
CCA Schedule 
MondayP3 –P67.30 – 9.30 amQuadrangle
TuesdayP2 (Enrichment) P2 – P6 (School Team)2.00 – 4.15 pmISH Level 1 (Basketball Court)
FridayP1 (Enrichment) P2 – P6 (School Team)2.00 – 4.15 pmISH Level 1 (Basketball Court)

Additional Information 
Lower Primary Taekwondo Enrichment Programme 
  • Primary 1 (8 sessions – starting only in Semester 2) 
    Fees: $40 per year
  • Primary 2 (16 sessions) 
    Fees: $80 per year

P3 – P6 Taekwondo (CCA) 
Fees: $50 per year (after subsidy)
CCA Key events / Tournament period
Key Events: 
  • School Performances (Chinese New Year Concert, Speech Day, Temasek MagicLand, etc.)
  • National Inter-School Taekwondo Championships (Tournament Period: April)
  • Exchange Programmes
  • Grading Tests organized by Singapore Taekwondo Federation
  • MOE Junior Sports Academy Programme