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Dance Club

1. Mrs Jamie Lee (IC)
2. Mdm Liu Jing (2nd IC)
3. Mrs Vani Siva
4. Li Nan
CCA Overview
Great dancers are not great because of their techniques. They are great because of their passion. 

In Dance Club, it is not just dance routines that we aimed to master but also forming close bonding and long-term friendships. Together, we endure the hardship of dance practices and with every performance or competition, we gain life lessons that are not taught in classroom. Just like what is stated in our school pledge, we learn to be respectful of others, considerate for others, persevere in hardship, have confidence in own self and being open-minded to accept new ideas and differences. 

Achievement Singapore Youth Festival 2016 – Certificate of Distinction
CCA Objectives
- To equip pupils with the fundamental principles of dance training and performance. 
- To engage pupils in physical dance training. 
- To educate pupils with broad understanding and knowledge of the social cultural context of dance and performance. 
CCA Schedule 
MondayP3, 4, 5 and 67.30am – 9.15amDance Room
CCA Key events / Tournament periodAnnual Speech Day 2017 Singapore Youth Festival (Preparation for 2018)