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School Management Board Committee

Principal/Vice Principals


Vice Principal (Education)/(Admin)


Year Head
(Primary 1 & Primary 2)
Mdm Tan Shih Ray
Year Head
(Primary 3 & Primary 4)
Mr Vincent Neo
 Year Head
(Primary 5 & Primary 6)
Ms May O 
School Staff DeveloperMr Loh Ooi Wan 
Head of Department
Mrs Sharon Koh
 Head of Department
 Mrs Yee-Lua Sin Nee
 Head of Department
Mdm Connie Soon
Head of Department
(Mother Tongue Language
Mdm Lim Chye Hoon
Head of Department
(Physical Education/Co-curricular activities)
Mr Muhamad Fadly Mohd Ariff   
 Head of Department
Mrs Joanne Chong  
Level Head
Mrs Vanishree Siva
Level Head
 (Chinese Language)

Mdm Yeow Puay Geok
Subject Head
(Information and Communications

Mr Choon Guoxiang Ernest
Subject Head
(Character and Citizenship Education)
Mdm Noordiyana bte Mohamed Shariff 
 Assistant Year Head
Mdm Arunah Bebe d/o Abdul Rahman
Admin Manager
Ms Ammerline Tan
Ms Rita Wang

If you wish to contact any of the above School Management Board members, Please email them at temasek_ps@moe.edu.sg