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Head of Department:


Mr Fadly

Mr Diyar
Mr Iskandar (AED)
Mr Syed Ali
Mr Marcus Lau
Ms Janane
Miss Najihah Borhan

We provide a vibrant learning environment to develop physically fit and healthy pupils, rooted in values, with the aptitude and attitude to learn, lead, serve and grow. We strongly believe that all our pupils should be given the opportunity to enjoy and experience physical and outdoor activities regardless of their talent or ability.


Primary 1 - 3

Primary 4 - 6

At the Primary 1 - 3 level, the focus is on mastery of fundamental motor skills such as locomotor (eg.skipping, galloping), non-locomotor (eg. Balancing, Twisting) and manipulative skills (eg. Throwing, Rolling)…

At the Primary 4 - 6 level, the focus is on the mastery of discrete skills to focus on more complex combinations and sequences of movements, and skills application in more recognisable forms of activity and games.

Safety in Physical Education



Key safety topics covered during PE at the respective levels

Primary 1

General Safety and Road Safety

Safety during PE lesson and safety while playing during recess are topics covered by the school and PE teachers at the start of the year for all PE classes.

Primary 2

Safety during PE, Road Safety and Safety in Public Places

Primary 3

Water Safety and Cycling Safety

Primary 4

Sports Safety and Harmful Substances

Primary 5

Sports Safety, Simple First Aid and CPR

Primary 6

Fire Safety and Harmful Substances

Physical Education Department Programs and Events

With reference to the table. *Please click on the links for more details and pictures.

PE Events/Activities in Term 1
No Event Week
1 P1-P2 Roving Carnival T1WK2 (9/1)
CCA Jersey & Athlete’s Oath
Ceremony Commence of SOAR stories (To highlight 2016 winners of SOAR Award)
T1WK3 (16/1) T1WK4 (23/1)
3 Morning Walk (Commence in Week 3) T1WK3
4 Swimming Programme (Swim Safer for P2 pupils) T1WK3 – T2WK9 (19/1 – 18/5)
5 P5 Adventure Camp T1WK7 (13/2-15/2)
LLP (Learning for Life Programme) Activities
  • P3 Track & Field Carnival (Intermediate)
  • P4 Robo Race
  • P5 Sports Fiesta (Advanced)
  • P6 Character through Play (Advanced)
T1WK10 (6/3)

PE Events/Activities in Term 2
No Event Week
1 LLP P4 to P6 Resilience Run T2WK1 (24/3)
2 Active Kids Programme WK1 - WK10
3 LLP (Learning for Life Programme) Activities
  • P3 Robo Race
  • P4 Track & Field Carnival (Intermediate)
  • P5 Character through Play (Advanced)
  • P6 Games Day (Frisbee) *Extra games day in 2016 cancelled, merge into LLP activity
T2WK10 (22/5)
4 P3-P4 CCA Prize Presentation T2WK10 (24/5)
5 P5-P6 CCA Prize Presentation T2WK10 (25/5)
6 P6 NAPFA (5 items) T2WK11 (29/5-31/5)

PE Events/Activities in Term 3
No Event Week
1 P3 Tennis Enrichment Programme with STA Term 3 – Term 4
2 Sharing & Giving Day (Physical CIP activity) P1 and P2 P3 and P4 P5 and P6 T3WK4 (21/7)
3 Lower Primary Games Day
P1 Sports Fiesta (Beginner Level)
P2 Track & Field Carnival (Beginner Level)
T3WK7 (8/8)
4 Healthy Lifestyle Week
P3/P4 Assembly
P1/P2 Assembly
T3WK9 (23/8) T3WK10 (29/8)
5 LLP (Learning for Life Programme) Activities
  • P3 Sports Fiesta
  • P4 Character through Play
  • P5 Track & Field Carnival
T3WK10 (28/8)
6 ACES Day
P1 – P3 (Quadrangle)
P4 – P6 (School Hall)
T3WK10 (30/8)

PE Events/Activities in Term 4
No Event Week
1 CCA VIA (include preparation for CCA Day)
P4 & P5
P3 & P5
T4WK2 (18/9) T4WK3 (25/9)
2 Children’s Day Celebratory Games (TSR) T4WK4 (5/10)
3 LLP (Learning for Life Programme) Activities
P6 Track & Field Carnival
T4WK5 (9/10)
4 P2 CCA Day T4WK9 (6/11)
5 Celebration of Character & Excellence Lunch T4WK9 (9/11)
6 P2 CCA Allocation for 2018 T4WK9 (10/11 @ 2.30pm)
7 LLP (Learning for Life Programme) Activities
P3 Character through Play
T4WK9 (10/11 after 9am onward)
8 LLP (Learning for Life Programme) Activities
P4 Sports Fiesta
P5 Games Day
T4WK10 (13/11) (15/11)
9 Sports Class of the Year Award (During Internal Prize Presentation and P6 Celebratory Lunch) T4WK10 (16/11)

Learning for Life Programme (LLP) @ Temasek Primary School: 
SOAR - Sports Opportunities for Active lifestyle and physical Resilience 

In Temasek Primary, everybody gets to play! Regardless of their ability or talent, we believe that every pupil have the right to enjoy the sports and outdoor experience provided in SOAR. Our PE teachers will ensure that all the pupils will be equipped with the basic skills and knowledge required to participate in the SOAR activities.

SOAR Objectives:

1.    To provide all our pupils with an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge they have learned in PE lessons in the SOAR activities as well as to grow in strength of character through the experience.

2.    To get our pupils to be confident of their own ability. Regardless of their talent or ability, we believe that every one of our pupil should be able to enjoy and experience sports and outdoor activities. 

3.    For our pupils to share their SOAR experience and encourage their family and friends to lead an active and healthy lifestyle together with them.

Overview of the SOAR Activities in 2017





Term 1

Track and Field Carnival

Robo Race

Sports Fiesta

Character through play

Term 2

Temasek Resilience Run @ Bedok Reservoir and infusion of Character through Play during the Games Carnival

Robo Race

Track and Field Carnival

Temasek Young Explorers

Sports Fiesta

Term 3

Sports Fiesta

Temasek Young Explorers

Track and Field Carnival

Term 4

Temasek Young Explorers

Sports Fiesta

Sports Fiesta

Temasek Young Explorers

Track and Field Carnival

Character through Play @ 7 Habits Closure

Temasek Track & Field Carnival


Track & Field Carnival



Track & Field Exposure

80 m sprint, 60 m hurdle sprint, Shot Put Throw



Track & Field Experience

150 m sprint, 10 x 50m Novelty Relay, Medicine Ball Throw



Track & Field Meet

8 x 50 m relay

Modified Javelin Throw



Track & Field Championship

4 x 100 m relay

Long Jump


Temasek Sports Fiesta

The Sports Fiesta emphasizes an experiential, skill-based approach for pupils to apply the sports fundamental movement and skills learned in PE to a realistic sports challenge or competition. The selection of activities below complements the sports skills taught in PE lessons and the progression of the competition or challenge based on their competency.

Level Sports FiestaDescription
 P1Rookie Experience Gymnastic experience
P2Junior challenge
Sports Skills Challenge (8 stations)
 P3 Amateur Challenge Sports Skills Challenge (6 stations)
 P4 Semi-Pro Face off Interclass: Modified Floorball 3v3 
P5Pro TournamentInterclass: Modified Volleyball 4v4
 P6Ultimate ChampionshipsInterclass: Modified Frisbee 5v5

 Temasek Young Explorers (Outdoor Education)

 The Temasek Young Explorers emphasizes an experiential, placed-based approach to integrate the outdoors into the Outdoor Education (OE) experience for Temasek pupils. The selection of activities below complements the OE skills taught in PE lessons and the progression of bringing pupils outdoors from a protected to an open environment.


Young Explorers



School Explorers

Exploring the garden trail in Temasek Primary



Neighbourhood Explorers

Exploring the neighbourhood*



Park Explorers

Exploring Tampines Eco Green*



Wildlife Explorers

Exploring Coney Island*