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Vision: Future global citizens who are articulate and effective users of the English Language. 

This is in alignment with our school's student learner outcome of 'Effective Communicator' and MOE's C2015 student outcome of 'Confident Person'. 

To achieve our vision, the English Language department will focus on enriching the curriculum through our key programmes as follows:

Reading Programme

Reading IS the foundation for effective language literacy acquisition. In Temasek, pupils are expected to engage in silent reading before the start of each school day. The Media Resource Library (MRL) is regularly restocked and a wide variety of books is available for borrowing. Pupils are strongly encouraged to visit the MRL to obtain their reading materials. To further instil a love for reading among pupils, the department has initiated the IREAD Programme whereby each class is assigned an IREAD box containing various titles of books for borrowing in the classroom. Temasek Book Flood, a book charity organised to create a pervasive reading culture in the school, was introduced in 2012. The storybooks collected thus far have been displayed on bookshelves positioned in the canteen and outside the school hall and are readily available for borrowing by pupils.

The English Language department adopts the Little Red Dot (LRD), a SPH publication, as a resource material for use in our P3 and P4 curriculum. The LRD comes with the Tuesday edition of The Straits Times and is focused on English language learning, news and current events, with elements of social emotional learning, values education and National Education.

In addition, the department adopts What’s Up, a monthly newspaper suited for the upper primary levels, as a supplementary resource material (optional) for P5 and P6 pupils. What’s Up exposes pupils to world news and current affairs in child-friendly ways and is also a rich resource for values education.


STELLAR (STrategies for English Language Learning And Reading)

STELLAR is an MOE (Ministry of Education) initiative to develop children who love reading and have a strong foundation in the English Language. Through STELLAR, the department aims to focus on oral communication and enjoyment of the language by introducing pupils to a variety of print and non-print resources as well as literature texts to promote appreciation and use of the language.

LiT (Literature in Temasek)

LiT is a customised school-based curriculum differentiated to meet the needs of the P3 to P6 pupils in Temasek. Pupils are actively engaged in various activities such as character analysis and comparison, role play and debate to promote an appreciation of English Literature and a love for reading. Through a critical reading of the text, pupils identify values and leadership attributes that are aligned to the school's eight core values and the 7 habits.


STAGE IT (Share and Talk about Anything in Good English In Temasek)

To fulfil the school's student learner outcome of 'Effective Communicator', the pupils engage in 'STAGE IT' where they work collaboratively with their parents and teachers on their speech before presenting to their classmates. Feedback from the teacher and peers is then given through the use of rubrics. At P3 and P4, pupils also have the opportunity to practise their speech using NewsMaker, an ICT tool, which allows them to self-evaluate and reflect on their presentation.


Writer's Workshop (WW)

Writer's Workshop (WW) is a pedagogy where pupils are respected as writers and equipped with good writing skills and attitudes. Implemented at the P1 to P4 level, WW aims to further develop in our pupils a love for writing.



In line with PERI's (Primary Education Review and Implementation) Recommendations, the P1 and P2 pupils will continue to undergo various forms of formative and summative assessments in the five critical areas of 'Listening and Viewing', 'Reading and Viewing', 'Speaking and Representing', 'Writing and Representing' and 'Language Use and Comprehension'. Alternative modes of assessment have also been put in place at the P3 to P6 level to assess the pupils' learning outcomes.


Head Of Department:
Mdm Nazlie Abdul Rashid
Level Head
Mrs Sharon Koh
Mdm Noor Hayati (ST/EL)
Mdm Salina (ST/EL)
Mdm Fatimah (ST/CCE)
Mdm Rachael Tan
Mdm Arunah (SH NE/SS)
Mr Patrick Tan (LSC)
Mdm Shafiza
Mdm Norhayati Chelah
Mrs Teresa Lee
Mdm Vivian Chong
Mdm Randeep Bath
Mrs Millie Soon
Ms G Nirmala
Ms Sheela Devi
Mrs Nirmala Sharma
Mrs Nurraini Mader


Level Programmes
Drama For Communication
P1-P4 The Writer's Workshop
P1-P4 STAGE IT ( S hare and T alk about A nything in G ood E nglish I n T emasek)
P3-P6 The Writer's Workshop LiT ( L iterature i n T emasek)


Name of Competition
Name(s) of Participants
P2 – P6 pupils
11 High Distinction
65 Distinction
188 Credit
70 Merit
RHB- The Straits Times National Spelling Championship (NSC) organised by ST and Gifted Education Branch, MOE
Chan Yin Lam Natalie (6E)
Qualified for Zonal Championship (East Zone)
Wits and Words
Interschool Debate Competition
1.Pavan Sai (6D) 
2.Durga Chandrashekar (6D) 
3.Nicolas Ong (6C) 4.Dhakiya Muwaffiqa (6E) 5.Kaela Toh (6E)
3rd in East Zone

                            Our Lower Primary Pupils having fun during the end-of-year post exam activities!
Highlights of English Activities in school