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Mission, Vision, Values & Crest

Our Mission
Developing our pupils into responsible and versatile individuals
who are fired with a passion for lifelong learning
and are able to contribute effectively to society.

Our Vision
We aspire to be the Vibrant Learning Campus where pupils Learn, Lead,
Serve and Grow to become future-ready citizens rooted in values.

Our Philosophy
We believe that every child can learn, act responsibly and care for others.

Our Motto
Forward Together

Our Corporate Values
P upils our Pride
P eople our Key
P artners our Link

Our School Values
H onesty
R esponsibility
R espect
C onsideration
C harity
Pe rseverance
S elf-Confidence
O pen-Mindedness

Our School Crest
Symbolising excellence in education, work and behaviour

Symbolising knowledge

The Four Stripes
Representing the four official languages
that are being taught in the school

"Forward Together"
It is our fervent hope that
the staff and pupils will work hard
and progress together to achieve success

Year the school started functioning

Beige and chestnut brown -
the school colours